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  1. 6thGoal

    Stout Mouthfeel

    You can see some of the details at https://contributingfactorbrewing.com/?page_id=99. This was a More Beer kit of their Bearded Stout that I screwed up but still came out as the best batch of beer I’ve brewed. The in negative I’ve heard, the mouthfeel is thin. Maybe if I followed the directions...
  2. 6thGoal

    First all grain - thoughts

    Last Sunday, I spent the better part of 5.5 hours involved in my first all grain brew day. Originally, I picked up a Old Bearded Stout (extract) recipe kit from More Beer, expecting it to be my last extract kit before moving to all grain. Ended up putting together a lauter tun and that extract...
  3. 6thGoal

    I Heart IPA (Two Hearted Clone) from More Beer

    While I should have paid closer attention and bought the extract kit from Bell's I failed and went with the local More Beer shop, I Heart IPA. It wasn't until I was brewing that I realized Bell's sold their own kit and took notice the ingredients were quite different. Brew day went fine, but I...
  4. 6thGoal

    Too much priming sugar?

    I had a few left over bottles that had homebrew in them that didn't get drank, for one reason or anything. A few months on, I decided to pop open each bottle in order to clean and reuse the bottles. When I took the caps off the 3 bottles, they appeared to be under tremendous pressure, enough...
  5. 6thGoal

    Where’s the juicy fruit?

    Just cracked opened a bottle of homebrew, my second batch in 3 months. It was excellent compared to the first batch, a pale ale. This time around I did an all Mosaic, DDH IPA. I used 8 lbs. of extra light LME, 1 lb. Crystal 15L with 0.5 oz of Magnum hops for the 60 minute boil. Added 2 oz of...
  6. 6thGoal

    When to cryo hop?

    First brew session was successful, a nice American pale ale, about 5% ABV, light and easy drinking. Just purchased the ingredients for my next batch, an IPA with 0.5 oz Magnum for bittering and 2 oz. of Mosaic for flavoring, aroma and dry hopping. A friend suggested adding 1 oz. Mosaic cryo...
  7. 6thGoal

    First Sip - AIH Pale Ale

    It's been nearly 20 years since I first brewed, but I returned to the hobby and looking forward to more enjoyment. This is the result of my first batch brewed from a the AIH Pale Ale kit that came with my equipment. The kit was Cara-Plis and Crystal 10 with a 7 lb. male extract and with Chinook...
  8. 6thGoal

    First Pale Ale - Low OG

    Getting back into home brewing after a long absence (late 90's) and just bottled by first batch this past Friday (May 11). I brewed a simple AIH Pale Ale using specialty grains, LME and Chinook/Willamette hops. The measured OG was supposed to be 1.052, but came in lower, 1.048. I remeasured a...