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  1. avaserfi

    CFC and March Pump

    Everything has sold. Is anyone interested in a counterflow chiller (about 25ft) or March Pump 809-PL-HS-C 115V fitted with a ball valves output. It also comes with a GFCI Outlet Adapter (that can also be used as an on/off switch). The March is ready to go with 1/2" McMaster Carr brass quick...
  2. avaserfi

    Electrical question (heat stick related)

    I want to move toward an electric brewery and am planning on building a couple heat sticks (http://www.cedarcreeknetworks.com/heatstick.htm) to this end. I have been reading over the forum and came up with a question for the more electrically inclined among us. I will brew in my garage with...
  3. avaserfi

    Smaller low cost drip tray?

    Has anyone discovered a good, low cost, smaller drip tray? I noticed many people reference a 4x19" drip tray that is only $15. I tried searching, but can't find anything smaller that is of a remotely similar price. My three taps are all within spouts 6" of each other and the keezer isn't very...
  4. avaserfi

    2x 6 gal/ 1x 5gal Better Bottles College Station TX

    I have two used 6 gallon and one 5 gallon Better Bottles that are in pristine condition. These are just extras, too many fermenters and not enough time or space to fill them. Just asking for $15 each for any of the three. Buy all of them and I will drop it to $12 each. I will also entertain...
  5. avaserfi

    Two 3 Gallon Corny Kegs

    Bought a lot of 4 of these on Craigslist, but can only keep two. Both hold pressure and aside from some stickers look brand new. A little clean up and they will be perfect. New o-rings and cleaned out inside. $70 each plus shipping - I will consider reasonable offers/trades not really looking...
  6. avaserfi

    Grain mistake...help?

    I bought some grain online not too long ago and made a mistake in the order getting 1.5lbs of carapils rather than 0.5lbs. That is way too much for my originally planned brew and since everything was bagged together I am SOL. I was hoping to not waste this grain and want to come up with a...
  7. avaserfi

    Oxygen regulator and Diffusion Stone

    I have this diffusion stone and this oxygen regulator for sale. Both are in great condition. Asking $15 for the regulator and $10 for the stone OBO. PM me if interested - I have no problem shipping.
  8. avaserfi

    Where to go/eat and what to do in Austin?

    I will be heading to Austin in a couple weeks for either a Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Monday time period. I have been a few times before, but mostly as day trips. This is to be a mini honeymoon since the we couldn't afford the time/cost of a real honeymoon so we are saving it for later. Just...
  9. avaserfi

    Saving used dryhops for the next brew day

    I have a IPA on tap right now with about 1.25 ounces of whole simcoe sitting in the keg. Since it has been about a month I was thinking about removing the hops and using them for my upcoming brew day. I figure the aroma might be gone, but they should be fine for bittering additions. Has...
  10. avaserfi

    Queso Fundido con Chorizo

    So, my sister (a professional chef) got picked to be in a blogging/recipe competition. Voting started today and my biased opinion is that her recipe, pictures and presentation is top notch compared to the competition. Check out the whole post here. If you think hers is good please...
  11. avaserfi

    Composting Resources

    Come late July I will be moving to a house. The partner and I have been planning on getting a compost going, but this will be a first for both of us. I have a feeling it will primarily fall on me, since I am the cook, brewer etc... This is more my interest than hers, but she wants to do it as...
  12. avaserfi

    Keeping a keezer dry

    I have had my keezer a few months now and no matter what I do it always has significant condensation every time I open it. Right now I am still using cobra taps since I haven't had a chance to build the keezer bar I want to so I open it whenever I want a beer, but even after being gone 5 days...
  13. avaserfi

    Stout Faucet without Beer gas?

    I was doing some looking around today for my upcoming build where I am going to turn my chest freezer into a small bar. I was thinking of running four lines 3 Perlicks and 1 stout tap (the keezer only holds 3 kegs). I don't really want to invest in nitro/beer gas system because I probably won't...
  14. avaserfi

    Kegging Carb Question

    Last Tuesday (the 12th) I racked 3 gallons of Apfelwein on top of 2 gallons of apple juice in my keg for a party. Hooked up the keg to my manifold and have been letting it sit at about 12-13psi along with a now tapped keg of wheat and a IPA I have. Both the IPA and wheat were already carbed...
  15. avaserfi

    Calcium Chloride - When?

    When do you add calcium chloride to the milk when making cheese? I have been having mixed results with curd formation using store bought homogenized milk, so I just ordered some because I have heard the salt can help. I was thinking of adding it as I brought the milk up to heat about a minute or...
  16. avaserfi

    dry hopping in the keg

    Did my first dry hop in the keg today. My plan was to use a small nylon bag for the 1oz of simcoe from my first AG brewed 2/6/09 and kegged 2/27/09. Still no idea what it really tastes like, I kegged it and shoved it in a corner since it came in at about 10% abv I figured it could use some time...
  17. avaserfi

    Anyone make cottage cheese?

    I have seen many different recipes online. Some involved and others not so much. Just wondering if anyone had tried some and what the results are... Some of the recipes I have seen: Savvy Housekeeping » How to Make Cottage Cheese cheeserecipes (scroll down some) Cottage Cheese Making...
  18. avaserfi

    Mozzarella Question

    I just tried to make a batch of mozz, I had fairly good curd formation and everything seemed to be going well. Then I heated up a water bath to about 180 degrees F and put my curd in after draining the whey. While folding the curd in the water it fell apart and dissolved away. What could have...
  19. avaserfi

    Chocolate Imperial Stout

    So, I ordered ingredients for a IPA and accidentally ordered way too much carapills - as in 4x what is needed. Bad click of the mouse. Since I ordered everything in one bag I can't separate the grains so I am going to make a imperial stout using the base, I think... I was toying around a recipe...
  20. avaserfi

    Ricotta from Mozzarella Whey?

    I thought I remembered reading someone mention that they made ricotta from the left over whey from making mozzarella. Because of this I bought the Mozzarella/Ricotta kit from AHS (the cheesemaking.com kit). The instructions say that whey ricotta cannot be made from mozzarella, is this true? If...