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  1. uncleben113

    Selling everything (leaving the hobby)

    If you're willing to ship, would you do be willing to do $50 shipped for the mill?
  2. uncleben113

    BYO BoGo List of 'wanters' 50/50 splits

    I've got an offer if someone wants to split it
  3. uncleben113

    Brewer's Friend Giveaway! Big Thanks to HBT!

    In! Thanks for the giveaway! Go Cubs go!
  4. uncleben113

    Kentucky 2-Way and 3-Way Manifolds

    Bump. Make me an offer
  5. uncleben113

    Kentucky 2-Way and 3-Way Manifolds

    Haven't used these in probably a year. I had a leak somewhere is my system a while back and think these might be the culprits but I never got to the bottom of it.You would likely want to check for leaks and tighten whatever down. I feel like the prices are fair for potential leaks(s)...
  6. uncleben113

    Are baskets with holes in the sides hurting efficiency?

    My comment wasn't directed at you. I fully agree with what you have said.
  7. uncleben113

    Are baskets with holes in the sides hurting efficiency?

    You're all over the place and contradicting yourself. Of course if you change one part of the brewing process, you'll change then end product but full volume mashing takes that into consideration by adding more grain to compensate to come up with the exact same product in the end. Which you...
  8. uncleben113

    Are baskets with holes in the sides hurting efficiency?

    I guess I'm doing more of a pour-over than full on fly sparging. I haven't tried dunking but I feel like it couldn't be much easier than what I'm doing. Thanks!
  9. uncleben113

    Are baskets with holes in the sides hurting efficiency?

    That makes sense. I usually don't disturb the grain bed but I wind up with fine efficiency. I guess I just wanted to make sure I am not missing something. I've been struggling with some missing points post boil so I though that may be the culprit. Thanks!
  10. uncleben113

    Hit pre-boil gravity but OG too low

    Here's an idea: could the concentrated amount of non-sugar particulate matter in the post boil wort be skewing the numbers? Especially in a bigger beer, it might make sense that there's extra stuff in there that a lighter beer may not have. If you get an accurate reading the following day, maybe...
  11. uncleben113

    Are baskets with holes in the sides hurting efficiency?

    I currently brew ~2 gallon batches on the stove top using a mesh bag to mash in. To sparge, I put my bag into a steamer basket that rests on top of a SS rack, over my kettle. This allows me to fly sparge and I don't need a pulley or anything. While I previously liked this idea a lot, I recently...
  12. uncleben113

    Hit pre-boil gravity but OG too low

    This has happened to me several times and I'm still wondering why . Last Sunday, in fact, I hit all of my numbers perfectly up until the OG. Volumes and specific gravities were spot on otherwise. I didn't take a reading the next day but that's an interesting bit. I figured maybe I mis-measured...
  13. uncleben113

    Icy Mugs

    It's amazing how many "beer bars" poorly treat their beers. I've received weird looks when asking for a glass too many times to count at places that are supposedly amazing beer bars.
  14. uncleben113

    Icy Mugs

    Exactly. Drink your beer out of whatever you want but just know that, generally speaking, if you are drinking from a frosted mug, you are losing flavor. Yes, drinking an icy BMC on a hot day is refreshing but if you are drinking your IPAs at 33 degrees, you're wasting beer.
  15. uncleben113

    Bottle filler parts

    What if you use one of those gaskets for an airlock hole on a bucket lid? I wonder if that would seal if you crammed one on your bottling wand. Otherwise, they make bungs meant for 12oz bottles that would likely work.
  16. uncleben113

    Kegging problems

    It may also help to completely submerge your keg and manifold (if you have one) in water. If you're losing a tank in a day, you might be able to see a pretty apparent stream of CO2 coming from the leak. Good luck!
  17. uncleben113

    I'm stumped. Completely.

    That is weird. What about your beer lines? Is the line for the blueberry wheat longer than the other one? Are the beer lines the same diameter? Are the faucets similar? I don't know how extract affects the solubility of CO2 but I imagine it doesn't affect it at all.
  18. uncleben113

    Topping Up

    ^^^ This. Also, if you're losing a substantial amount to pulling off samples to measure, consider returning the sample to the batch. This is a point of contention among brewers at times so you make that call. The worry is that you'll introduce bacteria to the beer through the processes of...