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  1. jmward21

    Hopped American Wit

    I am attempting to make a Hopped American Wit based off of a Blue moon style recipe. I have never made a recipe before and currently my only computer is a work laptop so I can't download software on it. Can someone please run this through beersmith for me? Also, please provide feedback if...
  2. jmward21


    I found this article in the local paper and thought to share it with the soda makers of the forum. I'm not sure if this product will succeed or not, but it's a neat idea. http://www.cincinnati.com/story/entertainment/2015/05/04/new-sodas-bring-hops-without-alcohol/26890303/
  3. jmward21

    Rivertown Big Brew Day - Cincinnati

    Anyone brewing or spectating? I plan on getting there around noon to check out the set-ups. I'm making the jump to all grain and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to meet other home brewers and see their brewing equipment.
  4. jmward21

    Buy Once - Cry Once

    I'm making the jump to all grain and I need some upgraded equipment. I don't mind putting in the time to DIY some things but I want to get the general idea of how big to go. Right now, I only foresee doing 5 gal batches, but I think I want to plan for 10 gal (med gravity beers). My current...
  5. jmward21

    Stout Faucet

    I love to drink stout (Guinness being my go-to bar beer) and I got a stout faucet as a gift. However, after some reading I am now realizing that I probably need a beer gas set up (75% Nitrogen / 25% CO2). Does anyone have any experience with this? Can you run a standard CO2 10psi home brew...
  6. jmward21

    Big ABV / Strong bite

    I made a 10% stout 2 months ago. It is a Southern Tier Creme Brulee Clone. I made it from extract. I know I made a yeast mistake (I have since then learned the importance of making starters). I only pitched one smack pack of London ale. I hit my OG and FG numbers and the brew day went...
  7. jmward21

    7 C's Hops

    Has anyone ever used these hop pellets (blend of Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Cluster, Columbus and Crystal)? I was suggested them from my local HBS as a substitute. I ended up going back and buying the correct hops for the recipe, but now I have 4 oz of the 7 C's. I was going to make...
  8. jmward21

    First Yeast Wash and Starter

    I've been homebrewing for 2 months now and I've recently learned the importance of proper yeast pitching. So last week I washed and saved a Wyeast 1272 from an Irish Red. I saved it from the secondary which I'm not sure was right but I've seen from this forum where people wash from both...
  9. jmward21

    Over Pressured Bucket

    Well, I had a close call this morning. I happened to go into the basement before I left for work just to check on the fermenting beer. The wall was covered in wort splatter and the air lock was full of dark foam. I made a 1.106 OG stout on Sunday and apparently fermentation kicked up a...
  10. jmward21

    Yesterday was a sad day

    Well, I emptied my first home brew keg, an American Amber It's been kegged for about 4 weeks, so no surprise on that one. But minutes later, my second keg (Black IPA) blew foam as well. This one was a surprise since I thought it should have been around half full. So I take it out of the...
  11. jmward21

    DIY Fermentation Chamber

    I've been looking a lot of designs in this forum and I decided to build one of my own. I pick up the fridge tomorrow ($25 mini fridge from an auction) and I have most of the wood. I got a STC1000 controller ($15) and a small circulation fan ($15). I still need to figure out the vapor barrier...
  12. jmward21

    Side by Side Fridge Conversion

    I wanted to share my recent kegerator creation. There are endless options on how to create a kegerator so I designed my own kit to fit what I want. I started homebrewing so I wanted 2 taps for home brew but I also wanted commercial beer. I added a 3rd tap for that. I purchased the sankey to...