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  1. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Purchasing cans for home brew

    I recently purchased a can seamer from Oktober Design. They are terrific and the seamer is nice. My only concern is that they appear to be my only source for cans in homebrew (or small brewery) quantities. Every other supplier I see requires a pallet (2,400+ cans) up to a truck load minimum...
  2. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Lagunitas Aunt Sally clone?

    Anybody have an all grain clone for Lagunitas Aunt Sally Sour Mash? Now would be a good time to brew this so it's ready when the weather warms up.
  3. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Trumer Pils recipe?

    I have many friends that continue to ask me for a Pilsner. I find Trumer Pils to be the best tasting example of a craft type Pils recipe and would like to brew something like it for my friends. I am aware that they use only German noble hops (Saaz and Hallertau?) and de-husked pilsner malt...