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  1. TheMadKing

    Loss of Diastatic Power from Toasting Malt

    So I just finished reading Historical German Beers for the Homebrewer. One of the things I don't really care for about the book is the correlation between modern malt and historical malt. He equates: Pale/yellow/white malt = pilsen amber malt = vienna brown malt = munich I have never...
  2. TheMadKing

    American Porter Honeymoon Porter (2x gold medals + 2nd place BOS)

    I brewed this the first time right before my own wedding, and then tweaked the recipe a year later. I essentially made an American porter with English porter ingredients (stronger and hoppier). This took a gold medal and second place best-of-show in the 2019 Peach State Brew Off (the largest...
  3. TheMadKing

    Wheatwine Harvester of Sorrow

    This has turned out really nice after 9 months of aging. The flavor profile is very wine like with some delicate and interesting berry notes (from the mosaic I think), a good malt backbone, a SUPER velvety mouthfeel, and pretty evenly balanced. At 11% ABV its a real butt-kicker, and a perfect...
  4. TheMadKing

    Why don't U.S macrobrews taste like European?

    This is not a challenge but an honest question Who doesn't U.S macrobrew like budweiser, Miller, coors, etc have that sweet honey grain flavor of most mass produced European lagers? Is it the adjuncts? Surely it's not because they are not implementing low oxygen brewing techniques.
  5. TheMadKing

    Master Brewers Podcast BH Efficiency Discussion

    I just listened to the Master Brewers Podcast Episode 79 where Van Havoc was the guest discussing brewhouse efficiency and he said some things that really have me questioning everything I thought I knew about maximizing efficiency. I realize he's applying these to small commercial breweries, and...
  6. TheMadKing

    Effectiveness of CO2 flushing small devices

    I just posted this question in the Norcal Yeast brink thread, but I thought it might warrant it's own thread I'm looking at a NorCal yeast brink for dryhopping/injecting yeast starters into my new CF5 and most folks seem to be content with flushing the mason jar with CO2 a couple times and...
  7. TheMadKing

    Anyone seen/used the Delta Brewing Fermenter?

    https://www.deltabrewingsystems.com/ This looks like an ideal system for me. The Flex+ with all the accessories for temp control and whatnot is the same price as a conical, but I don't harvest yeast and I don't need all of the other capabilities. The SS Brewtech isn't rated for pressure...
  8. TheMadKing

    Discussion on Belgian Ale Fermentation Techniques

    I am planning to brew a Belgian Golden Strong ale this Saturday and I've been reading several threads spread out on HBT about different techniques for achieving really great character from belgian style beers. I'll caveat this by saying I don't actually like most Belgian style beers made in...
  9. TheMadKing

    How are you chilling your Flex+?

    I'm considering a Flex+ since I don't harvest yeast often, but I want to have a plan for how I'm going to control fermentation temperature. I currently have a modified dorm fridge that comfortably fits a carboy/big mouth, but it won't hold a Flex+ with the racking arm. I would prefer not to use...
  10. TheMadKing

    Critique my Wheatwine Recipe Please

    Thoughts and comments welcome! I've never brewed one before and only had 2 commercial examples. I'm intending to brew this in January to enter into a competition in September. Harvester of Sorrow Wheatwine OG: 1.107 FG: 1.017 - 1.025 (happy within that range) IBU: 56 Color: 13.5 SRM ABV 12.2%...
  11. TheMadKing

    Spunding pressure and temperature

    So I was listening to a podcast with Chris White where he was discussing fermentation under pressure to reduce esters. I know this is well understood but some of his data got me thinking about spunding. He stated that pressure exceeding 15psi will reduce yeast health and start killing yeast, so...
  12. TheMadKing

    Breakfast ruminations... Buttered toast

    So I was eating some buttered toast this morning and had a thought. Many people go after bready, toasty, bread crust flavors in their beers, me included. But dry toast sucks. It's the butter that really makes those grain flavors and maillard products pop and makes them satisfying. Now I'm...
  13. TheMadKing

    Black Pepper, Lemon, Rye Gose Thoughts?

    So I wanted to see what people think of this recipe, and to see if anyone has used Pacific Jade hops before. It's description says it has lemon and black pepper flavors, but I'm always cautious when using "like" flavors since they can clash if they are similar but not complimentary. Opinions...
  14. TheMadKing

    Need ideas for dealing with acetic sour

    So my homebrew club got a wild hare and decided they wanted to make a barrel aged sour. Long story short the mixture of bugs they threw in resulted in a 10% abv stout that became acetic at the same rate that it became sour and then it was left in the oak barrel for way too long. It's basically...
  15. TheMadKing

    Stainless CFC's Anyone?

    So I'm looking for a stainless CFC and Northern Brewer has been out of stock for a month. I contacted them back in May and they said they would be back in stock on June 10th (today), and today I was told they will not have them again until July 17th. So I'm getting kinda tired of waiting since...
  16. TheMadKing

    WTB Stainless CFC not Kegco

    Looking for a quality stainless CFC that's not the Amazon Kegco one with no fittings. Stout and Northern brewer are both out of stock and won't get any back in for a couple weeks, so just checking to see if anyone is looking to unload one.
  17. TheMadKing

    Munich Helles Helles Fulla Bud Drinkers (BOS at local homebrew comp)

    6lb Weyerman pils 2 lb Vienna 1 lb Munich 4 oz Melanoidin Performed a full volume Hockhurz step mash with rests at the following temps: 105F for 10 min 144F for 20 min 158F for 30 min 168F for 5 min 0.4 oz Magnum at First Wort Added 1L of Sauergut (biological acidification) at mash-in for a...
  18. TheMadKing

    Yet another Auber panel circuit question

    So I finally got my panel working. Everything seems work perfectly except for the pump switches. I can't turn either pump on unless both pumps switches are turned on and then when both switches are on, both pumps run. So I can't operate them individually. Both contactors fire individually...
  19. TheMadKing

    Need some help... Auber panel just fried

    I just plugged in my Auber Brew Buddy panel for the first time to test it and the wire along the entire neutral circuit fried instantly before the GFCI breaker in my panel could even trip. I don't even know where to start with trying to figure out what happened. Is everything connected to...
  20. TheMadKing

    Need a sanity check on service wiring

    So here's what I'm looking at: I have 200 Amp service to my house as shown below, and my main breaker panel is in my garage where I intend to brew. I have an Auber Brew Buddy 30amp brewery controller. My service panel is in the photo below. I intend to do the following: 1. Turn off the...