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  1. TNJake

    Saison on leftover yeast from Belgian Tripel?

    So brewed a Belgian Tripel 2 weeks ago with a double smack pack of 3787. Temps were between 74 and 82 the whole time. OG was 1.065. This tripel reached 1.004 a couple of days ago and I thought, "hey, can I reuse this for a variation of my high grav saison? (8.5%) As I understand it, overpitching...
  2. TNJake

    Kettle Sour- Taste more or less sour after fermentation?

    I'm currently making my first kettle sour beer that will have a raspberry fruit addition after primary fermentation. I've been tasting samples periodically while its been souring but I'm wondering how this will compare after the yeast remove the sweetness and turn it into wonderful alcohol. I...
  3. TNJake

    Lemon Shandy with a 3711?

    So plans change and I ended up with a smack pack of 3711. My next two beers to brew are a Shiner Bock clone and a Lemon Shandy. I'm thinking that the shandy may not be too much of a stretch and the yeast I have on hand for it is just US05 so I can store that much longer than the 3711. I don't...
  4. TNJake

    Wanting to try something new. Kveik anyone?

    I'm interested in giving one of these stands a try, probably the Voss but I think they all are interesting. I've heard people doing IPAs and such but what about something quite a bit different. Perhaps a Gose or berliner weisse? If anyone has some other experience with kveik strains I'd love to...
  5. TNJake

    Odd yeast flocculation

    I have a patersbier in the fermenter currently and it seems healthy but it looks odd enough that I am curious. The yeast dancing around has started to clump but it still circulating. So there are corn flake looking chunks about the size of a thumb churning around. The trub on the bottom is the...
  6. TNJake

    Kegging a Tripel: Naturally Carbonate?

    I have a tripel that is ready to be kegged/bottled, OG- 1.076, FG- 1.014. I was hoping to dry this out a bit more but it stuck here. I am thinking that I will need re-pitch a bit in order to naturally condition and I have some T58 that I could easily add to this. I am also thinking that I might...
  7. TNJake

    AHS Shiner Bock clone - WLP 833 stalled ferm?

    I brewed this clone according to this recipe with an OG of 1.047. I cooled my wort to about 75 degrees when I aerated using shake/ swirl method. I did added a single pack of WLP833 and I regrettably did not use a starter. The recipe didn't say anything about it (I should have know better). 12...