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  1. weirdboy

    Dulles area craft beer bars? Also, Blacksburg!

    I am going to Blacksburg for business travel next week. I'm flying to/from Dulles and driving a couple of hours each way, rather than my usual flying in and out of Roanoke, where I typically end up spending the same or more time waiting for flights in the airport and paying twice as much or more...
  2. weirdboy

    Cheap USP (food grade) glycol source?

    I have been poking around the internets looking for good prices on glycol, but so far I've come up short. I'm going to need about 2 gallons (~16 lbs) to mix up the solution I'll need, and so far the best prices I've found put that in the $70-$80 range shipped. I have seen some "cheaper"...
  3. weirdboy

    BIAB -- I am an idiot. Don't be like me.

    Started my batch right at dawn this morning. I had pre-heated my strike water so it was just about ready to mash in immediately when I got up. I knew I was still a bit groggy, because I almost doughed in my BIAB without putting the bag in the pot first. Luckily, I came to my senses in time...
  4. weirdboy

    Absolute Zero Must Be Maintained To Prevent Criticality

    Watching James Bond marathon on G4, and I have to say the ones with Roger Moore have to be the worst of the bunch when it comes to stretching credulity. Right now it's The Man with the Golden Gun. That particular bit is on a sign in the super-villain's power generating facility where there's...
  5. weirdboy

    My chorizo recipe

    Before I forget what I put in there, I guess I ought to actually write down what I did for my chorizo that came out so fantastic. So, here's what I did. The basis of this recipe is cribbed from Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages, which I think is a fantastic book on meat curing and...
  6. weirdboy

    Anyone else make sourdough? How about *beer* yeast starters?

    I have nurtured several sourdough starters over the years, and on occasion, I have tossed in a mason jar of saved brewing yeast instead of bread yeast. e.g. pitching a Belgian yeast into a "dessert" bread like scones or pancakes to get subtle esters and phenols that compliment it. I decided that...
  7. weirdboy

    Fresh Pliny, looking for Zombie Dust, Header Topper, suggest others...

    I picked up several bottles of Pliny the Elder fresh from Santa Rosa yesterday. I am looking to trade for Zombie Dust and/or Heady Topper primarily, but I am certainly willing to entertain other ideas. Let me know if you're interested.
  8. weirdboy

    I am in Sonoma Valley for the week, please help me with good beers spots

    I am staying in Guerneville with some friends this week. We already have plans to visit Russian River, Lagunitas, and Bear Republic, and we went to Stumptown last night for dinner. I also stopped at the Whole Foods in Santa Rosa yesterday on my drive up here, and it was totally worth the stop...
  9. weirdboy

    Bizarre, unexpected search results

    I have been using Bing as my default search engine for the last week or so in an effort to get free stuff. The results are generally OK, but sometimes I get stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. I frequently use Google to do quick calculations, as you can just enter the equation in there and...
  10. weirdboy

    Therminator owners...how do you connect your water hoses?

    I really like my Therminator, but one consistent issue I've had with it is that I cannot make quality, leak-proof connections on the water in/out on the darn thing. My water-in connection uses a female-female swivel hose adapter that I picked up at Home Depot or Lowe's or somesuch. That thing...
  11. weirdboy

    Help me out with BJCP Exam style question

    I have been practicing the style question(s) for my upcoming exam, and ran across one that I had some trouble with. Even after reading the style guidelines and doing some more research online and in other literature I've got (e.g. Michael Jackson's stuff), I cannot figure this one out. If you...
  12. weirdboy

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2012?

    IGNORE THIS THREAD. INSTEAD POST IN THIS ONE. Wow, I even looked for another thread before posting this one. That's what I get for drinking and posting on HBT!
  13. weirdboy

    USPS, why don't you understand RETURN TO SENDER?

    I have had a problem for the last several months. We keep getting mail for people that lived here before. I don't have their new address, and apparently neither does the USPS. So, when we get mail for them I try to do my best and write on the letter I write "RETURN TO SENDER" in big letters...
  14. weirdboy

    Storing wort for a few days in cornies...

    I am currently working on a wee heavy. My original plan was to do the long mash on one day, boil for about 20 minutes, then stick the wort in corny kegs overnight, and do the boil the next day. So I got to the part where the wort is sitting in the corny kegs overnight on my back patio. Then I...
  15. weirdboy

    Harbor Freight Variable Speed Drill

    I ordered a 3/8" "Heavy Duty" variable speed drill from Harbor Freight to drive my Barley Crusher since I was getting kind of tired of hand cranking 20+ lbs of grain every time. It was on sale during the Black Friday festivities so I got it pretty cheap. Having been burned by a HF drill going...
  16. weirdboy

    Please give me commercial examples of beers with lots of melanoidin flavor

    I am studying for the BJCP exam and would like to get a good handle on "melanoidin" aroma/flavor, as described for example in bocks. The GM judge who is teaching our class said that although previously the #1 commercial example listed for 5C, Paulaner Salvator, used to have a very rich...
  17. weirdboy

    WTF they just cut away in the last 30 seconds of an NFL game

    Watching Bills vs Raiders. 27 seconds left in the game, Bills have the ball in the red zone and need a touchdown to win. It has been a REALLY good game with several lead changes and lots of excitement. Then CBS runs a little scrolly thing at the bottom, "due to contractual obligations with the...
  18. weirdboy

    Holy crap anyone else just see Mayweather vs Ortiz?

    That was probably the most exciting fight AND post fight interview I've ever seen. Crazy knockout followed by Larry Merchant and Mayweather getting into an altercation? Historic!
  19. weirdboy

    Does anyone else think it's stupid to have an age check on brewery websites?

    I really don't get the whole "enter the date of your birth" thing that so many brewery websites have. I mean, not even getting into how easy it is for a "minor" to defeat this ridiculous security mechanism, it's just STUPID. It's not like you're going to get drunk reading a website. I mean...
  20. weirdboy

    Netflix has decided to increase my plan price by 60%

    They are switching from having bundled DVD + streaming plans to two completely different plans. My old $9.99 plan for unlimited 1 DVD out + unlimited streaming would now essentially be 2 x $7.99 or $15.98. No price break or bundle pricing at all. So, I guess my Netflix subscription is...