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  1. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    CBD Infused Recipe

    Any idea what type of CBD is the best to use? Seems like a CBD oil would have a negative impact on the beer. Any thoughts on how much to add? I was in Portland for the Homebrewers convention and several breweries offered a CBD beer.
  2. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Gov Reg

    I have the gov regs and I love them. Used them for a year with zero issues and I can check and/or adjust the pressure super quick and adjust it with no tools. Make sure you have a good quality dissconnct otherwise the additional weight can cause them to leak. Not a problem wiht a good brand...
  3. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Hop Water, anybody make this before?

    Has anybody experimented making Lagunitas Hop Water? Not the stuff with THC just the plain no alcohol, no calorie water - think hop flavored La Croix. Here is what we know: Carbonated water Citra, Equinox, and Centennial hops Lactic acid Nutritional brewer's yeast liquid stevia “Natural...
  4. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Purchasing cans for home brew

    I love mine. I got the MK 19.2 v2 pro. It’s more pricy but it does 12, 16, and 19.2 oz cans. I’ve already gone through a case of 16oz cans. The unit is solid, quiet, and quick. I fill cans right off my tap with a growler filler to minimize foam. If I did them for long term I’d probably use...
  5. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Purchasing cans for home brew

    I recently purchased a can seamer from Oktober Design. They are terrific and the seamer is nice. My only concern is that they appear to be my only source for cans in homebrew (or small brewery) quantities. Every other supplier I see requires a pallet (2,400+ cans) up to a truck load minimum...
  6. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Homebrew Canners - Can Seamers

    October Can Seamers now has a homebrew edition for $879 - SL1 Homebrew Can Seamer. It's electric! https://oktoberdesign.com/shop/canseamers/sl1/
  7. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Lagunitas Aunt Sally clone?

    Yes, Wyeast 1968 ESB. Great summer beer and a hit even with those who don’t like sours.
  8. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Lagunitas Aunt Sally clone?

    So I brewed it up several weeks ago and opened one up last night. Not quite Aunt Sally but a fantastic brew and very close. I used 1 Good Belly and simply dumped it in a carboy and kept at 100° for 48 hours then boiled it. Didn’t think about fermentation reducing the sugar. Even so it’s not...
  9. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Lagunitas Aunt Sally clone?

    I am brewing this beginning tonight and will let you know how it goes.
  10. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Lagunitas Aunt Sally clone?

    Thanks! Your recipe is the only one I’ve been able to find. How did it turn out?
  11. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Lagunitas Aunt Sally clone?

    Anybody have an all grain clone for Lagunitas Aunt Sally Sour Mash? Now would be a good time to brew this so it's ready when the weather warms up.
  12. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Lagunita's Aunt Sally Sour Mash Clone?

    I know this is an old thread but was there ever a consensus grain recipe for Aunt Sally?
  13. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Trumer Pils recipe?

    I have many friends that continue to ask me for a Pilsner. I find Trumer Pils to be the best tasting example of a craft type Pils recipe and would like to brew something like it for my friends. I am aware that they use only German noble hops (Saaz and Hallertau?) and de-husked pilsner malt...