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  1. Walker

    Any way to decipher wires on an AC motor?

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in the DIY forum or here, but I figure I'll get the attention of more electrically savvy folks here. My (ancient) dishwasher died. The control board on it fried. It was probably repairable, but it was old and we decided to just replace it. Being the guy that I...
  2. Walker

    Fare thee well...

    My employer has been putting in network upgrades and other changes this week. I logged in today and now I am blocked from this site. (Using my phone at the moment.) What really sucks is that this policy gets pushed into my computers, and the only computers i own are work issued ones. So...
  3. Walker

    $100 Austin Homebrew Supply Gift Certificate

    My mother gives me an AHS gift certificate every year for Christmas, and this year was no different. However, I can't seem to find a use for the one I just got. I get all my grain and hops through large local bulk buys, prefer to buy my yeast locally, and have every bit of equipment I need. I...
  4. Walker

    Walker's Northwoods Brown Ale

    Walker's Northwoods Brown Grains - Mashed @ 155*F 6.50 lbs Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise 2.00 lbs Munich (light) 0.50 lbs Crystal 60L 0.50 lbs Honey Malt 0.50 lbs Special B 6 oz Chocolate Malt <see notes below> Hops 0.75 oz Simcoe @ 60 minutes Misc Ingredients 1.5 tsp...
  5. Walker

    REX-C100 PID (cheapest PID on ebay)

    These PIDs have been discussed on here recently in several threads because they cost so little. You can literally find these for $0.99 and free shipping in auctions on ebay. The auction listings are always misleading (meaning "false") in that they indicate that they have a 12V pulse output...
  6. Walker

    converting charcoal smoker to electric

    skeeordye11 gave me this charcoal smoker that he didn't want. And I decided that it would be a good idea to convert it to electric and use the same panel I control my brewing system with to control the smoker. So, I bought a 6" 1250W element for an electric stove off ebay for $8 and decided...
  7. Walker

    Walker's Confounding Lamp - discuss

    When I built my system, I wanted to have a lamp on the panel than would light up when there was current flowing through my heater element. I bought some 120v lamps for this. Here's how it was connected right after installation in the in-progress panel. Red and black come through contactor. Red...
  8. Walker

    Myth? SSRs fail in the CLOSED state?

    I can't count the number of times I have seen the warning tossed around that SSRs often fail in the closed state, allowing current to flow unchecked. But, I've never actually seen anyone claim that it has happened to them, even after asking those on this forum if they have seen it happen. A...
  9. Walker

    Raleigh Area Group Grain Buy-Round 4

    _______________________________________ THIS BULK BUY IS NOW CLOSED _______________________________________ It hasn't even been a month since we did round 3, but a lot of folks missed out on the first one and there seems to be enough interest that we might actually be able to do another...
  10. Walker

    Check it out, HBT recipes published by Popular Mechanics

    http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/how-to-plans/beer-recipes-how-to-home-brew EdWort's Haus Pale Ale blacklab's Cascades / Orange Pale Ale My Gruagach 80/- Scottish Ale BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde Orfy's Mild Mannered Ale other "lesser" brewers like Sam Calagione, Jamil...
  11. Walker

    Greater Raleigh Area Brewers and Suds Sippers (GRABASS) - Let's go a-drinkin'

    An HBT member from Virginia is making his way through NC on a beer tour next week with his son and will be in the Raleigh area next weekend. I've extended the offer for some local company while he's here, and he sounded open to meeting up with some people on Saturday night (12/11). Who's...
  12. Walker

    Greater Raleigh Area Brewers - 2nd Annual 'Black Friday' brew gathering

    I'm hosting a brew gathering at my place on Friday. all are welcome to attend and brew if you want. kicking it off at 10am, but you can come later than that. drop SWMBO off for shopping and come by for some brewing, drinking, and general abuse from the GRABASS folks. PM me if you need...
  13. Walker

    Hey, Canadian people - suggestions for beers to buy?

    I'm headed to Chapleau, Ontario for a fishing trip next week and was wondering if you all might have some suggestions for some good beers for me to try while I am there. I have no idea if I'll be able to find them at any stores in the area, but I'd at least like to have a list with me just in...
  14. Walker

    brewcasting now

    this all got started about 4 hours later than originally planned, but I'm leaving for vacation in Canada in a couple days and have to get this 10 gallons of scottish ale done before I go. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/grabass-brewing
  15. Walker

    I am apparently part squirrel

    I have some bottles of beer aging (and some just being neglected) on the door shelves of my fermentation fridge and I decided to pull out a 2006 Bigfoot that I have been tempted to open for the last few months. Tonight is the night to have it. :cross: There was another one behind it! I went...
  16. Walker

    I've been beating myself up

    I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist with some things and will beat myself up over small things that I find to be not "just right". One of the places where this personality trait is most prominent is in my brewing. I always get hung up on tiny flaws that I detect in my beers. SWMBO always...
  17. Walker

    ATC Refractometer - has anyone checked?

    I am using an ATC Refractometer that I got off ebay for about $30 last winter. When I got it, I calibrated it (with my tap water) and things seemed to be working fine. I know you are "supposed" to calibrate with RO water, but I figure that since I brew with my tap water, then I should...
  18. Walker

    Perlick Faucet Locks

  19. Walker

    finally got my act together - ice for chilling

    I started using ice-water for IC chilling several months ago. I love it, but was always running to the store to grab a bag of ice on brew day and spending another $4 per batch or so. After repeatedly telling myself, "You need to strart collecting ice from the freezer ice-maker instead of...