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  1. Double_D

    Replanted hops plant, worried

    I had a hop plant spring up in my yard a three years ago. It's come back no problem in the spring the last 2 years, including this one. I decided to plant it in a large pot today. It's kind of wilted now. It was reasonably happy in the ground but I'd never really gotten much more than a...
  2. Double_D

    Golden road sold to AB InBev

    Here's the link: http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-golden-road-brewing-buyout-20150925-story.html I saw a thing on Facebook from men's journal about craft beer owned by the big three...
  3. Double_D

    Need a chocolate stout recipe

    I have a friend that's asking me for a chocolate stout. Can you guys point me in the direction of a good recipe? Maybe a little on the sweet side? Thanks!
  4. Double_D

    Exotic wood diy tap handles

    This isn't a knock on the other diy tap handle builds. I just couldn't find a thread that wasn't labeled cheap...so yeah, here are mine. And I know maple isn't that exotic, but hey they look good IMHO. I just got done turning the three on the right. They're goncalvo (i was told it was a...
  5. Double_D

    Hodgepodge ale is this a bad idea?

    I have a considerable amount of stuff other than 2 row out in my storage trunk. I was thinking of doing a hodgepodge ale with the us-05 I have and some hops that aren't too floral. I just want to clean up out there. I have munich 10L, rye malt, wheat malt, flaked corn, honey malt, and...
  6. Double_D

    maelstrom stir plate

    So I've done a couple small starters with my new stir plate. I stepped up from 500ml to 2000ml. swmbo was supposed to get me a 5000ml flask for my birthday but there was a minor misunderstanding in regards to the volume I actually required. That's how I ended up with the 500ml. I did a...
  7. Double_D

    Date sugar addition

    So I know I've read somewhere 3# of dates contributes something like 2# of sugar. Can anyone quantify this? I have 13 gallons of date brown that started at 1.069 and have fermented to 1.018. There's definitely of non fermentables contributed by the mash (at 152) so I'm not necessarily worried...
  8. Double_D

    Can you save a barrel?

    I didn't do the amount of research I should have and now I have two 5 gal whiskey barrels that made my last beer taste like bile. The plan was to use them for clean beers to get some of the oak/whiskey flavor out of them and then transfer a sour into them to colonize the barrel with bugs. I...
  9. Double_D

    What to do with munich malt

    I've been trying to get 10# of munich from the LHBS here in vegas. Long story short, he's got a 55# bag coming with my name on it. He offered to split the bag with me for a smoking deal but besides making a lot of Dead Guy Ale, are there any favorite recipes out there? I thought about doing a...
  10. Double_D

    Mead recipe formulation

    Is there a general rule of thumb for this sort of thing? I'm just getting into mead for SWMBO after many years of brewing and don't know where to start exactly. I have something I took a shot at that's got 12# orange blossom honey and 2# of dried strawberries. What I did was warm up 5 gal...
  11. Double_D

    Time stamp on post not accurate

    Why is the time stamp on the posts always 7 hours off? I've been wondering about this for a while.
  12. Double_D

    Another starter question

    I've been seeing a bunch of people that say you need to make a .5 gal-1 gal starter 5-7 days before brewing. Then put it in the fridge to cold crash and finally decant off the weak starter beer and pitching the now larger but mostly dormant colony into their wort. What's the advantage to this...
  13. Double_D

    Necessary time for a yeast starter

    I've been seeing a bunch of people that say you need to make a .5 gal-1 gal starter 5-7 days before brewing. Then put it in the fridge to cold crash and finally decant off the weak starter beer and pitching the now larger but mostly dormant colony into their wort. What's the advantage to this...
  14. Double_D

    awesome deals on whisky barrels

    I'm not sure exactly where to post this. http://www.homebrewing.org/Used-5-gallon-whiskey-barrel_p_2187.html For the weight shipping is reasonable, $35 to vegas. Wanted to pass this on.
  15. Double_D

    Awesome deals on whisky barrels

    I found these yesterday afternoon and thought I would pass it on. You can't beat a 5 gallon freshly dumped barrel. They're from a distillery in texas and start shipping on the 6th. It cost about $35 each to ship them here to vegas via UPS ground...
  16. Double_D

    yeast starter size

    Call me hard headed but if it was underpitched wouldn't it have a slow fermentation? I think I'm missing something here..
  17. Double_D

    Nitrogen conditioning

    I'm about three days away from having the last piece of my nitro setup. The secondary regulator. I'm curious if the carb charts for force carbonating with Co2 correspond to the N2/Co2 blend. Is there a general rule of thumb for psi?
  18. Double_D

    Vigorous fermentation w/ mess

    I thought you guys would get a kick out of this. I just got this vittles vault. It holds 13 gallons I had just shy of ten in there. I fermented my new stout recipe at 68* I made a yeast starter same as always and I woke up thinking "i wonder if I should make a blow off tube for the beer".. it...
  19. Double_D

    Diacetyl, rest vs. no rest

    I recently did ten gallons of my house bitter. I used: 20# 2-row 2# honey malt 1# crystal 20 1 qt of yeast starter made from washed 1968 (london ESB) 1 oz citra I have noticed when tasted side by side the bottle conditioned 5 gal tastes much cleaner than the 5 gal that went into...
  20. Double_D

    mash tun vs. efficiency?

    This is just an example I found on here from Joshaw50: Equipment Needed: 48 qt Rubbermaid Cooler Qty 1 - 10 ft Section 1/2" CPVC pipe - $2.60 Qty 5 - 1/2" Tee CPVC - $.19 each Qty 4 - 1/2" 90 degree Elbow CPVC - $.29 ea Qty 1 - 1/2" CPVC Female Coupling Adapter - $.67 Qty 1 - 1 1/2"...