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  1. Amadeo38

    Roast Malt Consomme for Golden Stout

    I had planned on doing my typical process for a Golden Stout, which was to skip the roast/dark malts and make a coffee consomme to add at kegging for roasted flavor without the dark color. A fellow homebrewer in my club asked a great question, which I had not thought of: Why not do the...
  2. Amadeo38

    Florida WTB Spruce Tips

    Hey everyone, I’ve been wanting to make a spruce tip brew for quite a while now, but living in the wrong region makes this tough. I know sites sell them for exorbitant prices, but many are even sold out. Now is the time of year to harvest. Would anyone who has access to spruce tips be willing...
  3. Amadeo38

    Big Brew 2019

    Who all is doing Big Brew with their club this year? How does it work in other clubs? Do we all have the same recipe bank to choose from, and what did you choose to brew if you’re partaking? I’m excited about this years group brew event, and I’m hoping the new parts of my system are compatible...
  4. Amadeo38

    Does cold storage always prevent infection?

    I’ve been battling a problem with an apparent infection that I can’t really tie down. The result is a bodyless, dry, tasteless beer that’s overcarbonated. They’re not super hard to drink or anything, just not enjoyable because of the lack of body and flavor. It first happened in a brown ale...
  5. Amadeo38

    Hard plastic gasket inside ball valve?

    I took my 2-piece (I think?) ball valve apart for cleaning and noticed something white kind of obstructing the flow. I used a wrench to separate the two parts of the valve and remove the obstruction. Turned out to be a hard white plastic gasket between the two pieces and it’s a bit warped. The...
  6. Amadeo38

    Best Bitter Bramling Cross British Bitter

    I made a batch of this recently and it took home silver in the Best Bitter category (11B) at the 2018 Best Florida Beer competition with a score of 39. I wanted to share it with all of you since I really love this beer! Credit due to its original creator, Mike Todd of the Stoney Creek...
  7. Amadeo38

    Gallberry Mead - Any Recipe Tips?

    Our homebrew club’s annual mead day is this coming weekend and I reserved a gallon of gallberry honey. Not much on the web in terms of recipes that accentuate or compliment the natural flavors of this honey. I know which yeasts will allow the natural flavors to come through, but does anyone have...
  8. Amadeo38

    Anyone have experience with “San Step NS” sanitizer?

    I won a big jug of something called San Step at our brew-off raffle and cant find much about it on the web. The container says it’s a “non-iodine acid sanitizer for CIP and COP systems, tanks, and back-flush systems.” The active ingredients are phosphoric acid (28.5%), propionic acid (10%)...
  9. Amadeo38

    ArtBrew Automated Brewery

    This is the newest kickstarter campaign for an apparently truly all-in-one automated brewing system. Unlike PicoBrew, it appears to do the mash, boil, hopping, chilling, and fermentation all in one. Is this true? I couldn't really figure it out from what's provided on the website. Also, it's not...
  10. Amadeo38

    Rubber Stopper in fermenting beer

    My rubber stopper for the air lock went into my glass carboy too far and ended up going into the wort and sinking to the bottom. This is a fresh batch I just brewed. If I leave it and use another stopper, will the stopper produce any off flavors in the beer during fermentation? Is it worth...