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  1. Netflyer

    Fermentation didn't start for five days

    Hey, I've never had a fermentation take so long to start, used Wyeast British Ale Yeast which should ferment between 65 and 70 no problem... er.. I chilled er down and I guess my basement is colder than normal so it dropped to 61... without a heat belt I moved it upstairs to a warmer room but...
  2. Netflyer

    Rushing a beer

    Ok, I needed to brew a beer by Christmas Eve and I brewed a blonde ale that should be drank young and left myself 23 days... so today, after 9 days I racked from fermenter to corny keg and put the gas on. I typically wait 21 days before I open the fermenter and here the S.-05 was not entirely...
  3. Netflyer

    Seltzer CO2 level

    Anyone know the dif. between club soda and seltzer? Is it the carbonation level? Also what is a good level to carb up a corny keg full of water for selter? Thanks!
  4. Netflyer

    First Lager

    Ok, I'm trying to make a Brown Lager and I'm using Wyest 2007. Questions: 1. I want to ultimately ferment at 50F but can I pitch at 72F, and wait for activity before I drop it or will I get activity at 50F to start with? 2. Can I still single stage ferment for 21 days and then gas it up...
  5. Netflyer

    Bottling Kegged Beer

    Ok, I can purge the O2 from a bottle and fill it with kegged beer, so now my question is about storage of those bottles. Obviously dark bottles and they will still be kept in the dark but what about temperature? Can they get to room temp and as long as I bring them down to normal temps they...
  6. Netflyer

    Playin w/Ferm temp

    Ok, question.. I have this recipe that tells me to start fermentation at 65 and then raise it 6 degrees slowly in the last 3rd of fermentation... It's a guiness clone recipe btw. At 65 degrees, at what hour after the beginning of fermentation would you start to raise the temp? Raising is...
  7. Netflyer

    Dumb Keezer Q of the day

    Ok, I'm dumb I know, but I need to ask - obviously everyone is controlling these freezer chests with a temperature control, right? Ok, my question, I have an old side by side fridge, I have a temp control on it on the fridge side, but in order for it to work at all the freezer side has to be...
  8. Netflyer

    Keggin' finally!

    Question: I'm done fermenting at 65 degrees and I want to use the same fridge to carbonate. I'm looking for 2.4 vols. So, my questions are: 1. For blonde ale what was the best temp to carb at. 2. Can I start to carb as the fridge/corny keg's temp is dropping to my carbing temp? Or do I...
  9. Netflyer

    Mash Thickness and Sparging as it relates to Tannins

    Just wondering if it is better to Mash thinner and sparge with less water, will this make a better Wort? I have experimented with 1.1 to 1.5 and I know some go even thinner... is it a trade off of eff vs. tannins? Also the thinner mash lets me break up my dough balls easier.. Thanks for...
  10. Netflyer


    I have a q about efficiency... grain efficiency vs. brewhouse efficiency... I was reading somewhere that really 70% is all you can maximally get out of grain... not sure why if this is true we don't call that 100%... That said, I found myself getting more than the target OG's so I told...
  11. Netflyer

    I'm back!

    Been away from HBT for a bit, just wondering what my grain brewin' buds are up on these days, what is everyone making? What is 'hot'?
  12. Netflyer

    Why am I getting such good efficiency?

    I just can't get a handle on my efficiency. I use a 10 gallon igloo cooler with a round false bottom. I'm getting 75% with batches around 1.060 and about 85-89% with smaller batches. Everytime I try to follow a recipe I'm afraid to dial my eff. up that high but then I overshoot by as much as 10...
  13. Netflyer

    O2 cleaner - aftermath great ant killer!

    By mistake I have found that if I pour used EZ clean out over ant infested areas of my yard the nests are completely gone in just a day or so. I have tried all kinds of commercially available ant killers from baits to just flooding them with the hose and no luck, they always prevail... But not...
  14. Netflyer

    Whole Hops usage

    Hey folks, I am about to use some whole hops for the first time... it is pressed into a brick so it is flaky (like myself) and smells amazing... anyhow I know the AA's so can I just use the same weight as I would with pellets? Should I add 10% more, less, what? I guess beersmith will know, but...
  15. Netflyer

    Homeopathic Beer?!

    So, I'm sure people have heard that if you eat local honey, because it is made from local pollen, it can help you acquire immunity to the same pollen - some say 'like cures like'. What about brewing when the tree pollen count is over 1500? Those pollen.. you think they can survive the boil...
  16. Netflyer

    What would you pay for SRM, Diacetyl, IBU, Iron, Haze and other tests?

    I was wondering if anyone would pay about $125.00 to test their beer for actual SRM, IBU, Iron, Haze, and Diacetyl? Does anyone know how much it should cost to have these things actually tested? Does that sound like a lot? I mean if you were trying to make a gold medal beer wouldn't you want...
  17. Netflyer

    Craft Brewers Conference & Brewexpo America

    Anyone going to the craft brewers conference this week in Chicago at the Sheridan convention center?
  18. Netflyer

    Diacetyl in da Brew

    Ok, in my continuous travels of 'not knowing sh$^' I thought diacetyl was formed if the fermentation got too hot, depending on the yeast of course but there was a point 72F-78F where if the fermentation remained over that temp. for x amount of time (or did it just need to once hit those temps?)...
  19. Netflyer

    Issues with IBU Values in 'Brewing Classic Styles'

    Has anyone who has used recipes from 'Brewing Classic Styles' (Palmer, Zainasheff) noticed the IBU's given seem high? Maybe it is just my beersmith program but I know when I enter a recipe from one of our members and most any other recipe beersmith nails the IBU's (as it should) So I'm...
  20. Netflyer

    Temp. Step Mash w/Igloo Mash Tun

    I have a 10g Igloo mash tun and I want to do temp. step mash, at 120 and then up to 152F . Being that I can't put a flame under my igloo to heat the first step up to 152, can I drain the first step and reheat that to striking temp (maybe 164ish after the drain) and dump it back in the tun? Or...