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  1. Ruint

    guidance needed for smoker recommendations

    Hey eveyone, It is finally time! Last time I shopped for a smoker was mid 90's. Ended up with the 18 inch version of the Smokey mountain. Have had a lot of fun doing some meats on it! It does not owe me a dime! I had to replace the charcoal pan twice, only recently lost the ability to have the...
  2. Ruint

    How many pounds of roasted coffee in 2020

    Time to begin again...and on that note I have roasted: 1489 grams of Flores Manu Lalu 1400 grams of Burundi Rwiri Yagikawa Station 2400 grams of Colombia Totoro Parabolic dried which gives a total of 5289 grams = 11.6 pounds 11.6 pounds to date:D
  3. Ruint

    Worth it or not?

    Hey all! I recently acquired an upright freezer from a friend. It is a Kenmore model 20205 20 cu. ft. that has the cooling coils routed to the bottom of the shelves inside. First time I have seen that. I am considering turning it into a keezer, but would like to see if anyone here has attempted...
  4. Ruint

    1st time last straw use

    Going to be using the first straw beer bottle dispenser tomorrow, Checked in on the kegs, and they seem to be at an acceptable carb level, so tomorrow, I will prep some bottles to receive some of the goodness that awaits...we'll see how that goes....
  5. Ruint

    What style fits it the best?

    So...we (Homebrew Club) had an opportunity to draw second runnings from our host Crafty Ales and Lagers on learn how to brew day. They did their Little Imp Stout, and then filled the mash back up, agitated it, let it settle and did a second running for us to do what we liked with it. I collected...
  6. Ruint

    Ask poor Alice...

    I have found myself in the rabbit hole! I have the makings for a BM/HG roaster. The BM is a cuisanart hbk100 and the heat gun is a Wagner digital variety that goes to 1350 watts. The bread pan used to be Teflon coated, along with the dough paddle, up until I sand blasted them. I recently...
  7. Ruint

    Japanese beetle damage

    Thought I would share information and pictures with some of the "new" to growing hops folks for things you might want to know of, for folks that don't know much about insects, and for if you have been lucky enough so far to not encounter these pests and not know what they look like or the damage...
  8. Ruint

    Cooling coil for Speidel?

    I do not know if anyone has attempted to install a cooling coil into the Speidel fermentors or not...Is it feasible:confused:I Have not found any threads concerning this. I do see where people will put them into a ferm chamber, but I do not have the space available to make one large enough to...
  9. Ruint

    Shed some wisdom on my shed

    I am in the process of getting my shed together for making it into a brew shed. I have run electric wire, put outlets in where I believe they will be useful, have 2 more locations that I will be putting that at, cause everyone knows that you don't have an outlet where you need it....it is a 12'...
  10. Ruint


    Now just waiting for it to arrive
  11. Ruint

    Full throttle, pull the e-brake, then nail it some more!!

    This is how I'm feeling right now... I have my order in for: 30 GAL Spike kettle that has 4 port... on the front side a horizontal 2 port at 1 1/2 inches up, then another port centered between them except it is 6 inches up. It also has a 1 1/2 inch TC port centered in the back for when I can go...
  12. Ruint

    MonsterMill3 with minor hopper problem

    I have a monster mill 3roller with 2 1/2 rollers. Awesome roller. I built a pushcart up to be it's mobile base. Cut an acceptable hole thru the top face so I can catch my crush underneath. Went nuts and ordered an electric motor to drive the beast. Got an adjustable base to mount the motor on...