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  1. MelonHeads

    Colorado Arapahoe County Fair Homebrew Competition

    Hello everyone - The Arapahoe County Fair Homebrew Competition will present medals on Saturday, July 27th on the fairgrounds. Come join us as we celebrate not only home brewed beer, mead and cider but the Colorado cottage food industry as well. The competition is open for Colorado residents...
  2. MelonHeads

    Colorado Arapahoe County Fair Home-brew Competition

    Hello Colorado home-brewers!! Please sign up for the Arapahoe County Home-Brew competition. The award ceremony is at the fair grounds on Saturday, July 28th at noon. Best of show will be able to brew their winning recipe with Launchpad Brewery!! This is a BJCP / AHA sanctioned event -...
  3. MelonHeads

    Acid additions to Sparge Water??

    Hi All - I've been trying to figure out why I have such a low efficiency on my AG brewing when I do fly sparge - consistently in the 60's. I was then re-reading Kal's brewday at http://www.theelectricbrewery.com/ and noticed that he also checks PH of the sparge water and adjusts when needed...
  4. MelonHeads

    My wife told me to get a hobby, so I....

    Thanks to my very understanding wife, I went back into home brewing after a 20 year hiatus. Started up all grain and have been brewing again for a little over a year. Thanks to this fantastic forum, I found great ideas to create a kegarator. Found a great Monkey Ward chest freezer, built a...
  5. MelonHeads

    Krolsh tastes sweet. still young?

    Hi, Just tapped my first self made recipe of an AG Krolsh. 1 week in primary, 2 weeks in secondary lagering down to 40, then two weeks aging in keg at 40 as well. First taste is on the sweet side, with a smell of apple. Is this because it's still young?