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  1. acleanthous

    Corny keg as secondary

    I searched previous threads on using a corny as a secondary and couldn't find an answer to my question. I transferred a beer tonight and I want to use cornys as secondaries. I simply hooked-up the gas in ball lock with a blow off tube into sanitizer. Will this work? Will pressure escape...
  2. acleanthous

    Belgian strong ale

    I am trying to design a Belgian strong ale. I really want to get that really light head that seems to last for days on a good strong ale. But, the grain bill is so little I'm not sure what accomplishes that. Any suggestions? Thanks. - Alex
  3. acleanthous

    Too much oxygen

    I have done a couple batches of beer that had an OG of around 1.070 and then are stalling out during fermentation. One has gotten stuck and 1.050 and one got stuck around 1.020. Both batches were 10 gallons and were fermenting in carboys that were 6 and 6.5 gallons. My question is, was that...
  4. acleanthous

    Marking kegs

    So I have created an all grain setup from used kegs. One of the big kickers that is throwing my calculations off everytime is that we have very crude form of measuring quantities in all of our kettles. Has anyone marked up their kegs to help out with this. Its driving me nuts, I will plan a...
  5. acleanthous

    Water to grain ratio

    I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere in the forum and if so please direct me there. But I have a question about what to set my water to grain ratio for mashing at? I know there is science behind it and will affect the amount of fermentable sugars available, but I'm confused on picking a...