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  1. uechikid


    In the wake of the panic buying of ammo (and just about everything else gun related) I've been thinking about reloading. I know the are several ways to clean your brass, dry tumbling, wet tumbling etc. I was wondering if anyone here uses Star San to clean their brass. I took some...
  2. uechikid

    My Last Hop Harvest

    I just harvested my hops for this year and because of the low numbers I've decided not to waist any more time and effort growing hops. I've been growing them next to the house (stucco). They started out great this year with very long side arms that were full of buds. Then, it was very windy...
  3. uechikid

    Side Arm Grouth

    I have four Hop plants. Two Chinook, one is a forth year and the other is a third year and two Cascade, same ages. My forth year Chinook is going really strong with side arms growing like crazy. Non of the other plants have side arms, only stems with flowers starting to grow. What's the deal...
  4. uechikid

    Smoking Grain

    Has anyone here smoked grain before using it in a batch of beer. I just bought a smoker and have just found out about cold smoking. I make a Snow Cap clone and thought a hint of smoke flavor might be tasty. Any thoughts?
  5. uechikid

    Cut Back First Growth??

    As many others this year I have a couple plants that have started growing early. One plant has bines over a foot already but it only has about six shoots. Should I cut the first growth?
  6. uechikid

    New Sprouts

    The weather here has been so nice the last month or so my hop plants have already started sprouting. I went out to check on the last week and discovered quite a few sprouts. Some over two inches long. So I went out there with my trimmers a cut them back.
  7. uechikid

    Hop Garden Sighting

    I was out riding in the Petaluma (Ca) area yesterday (wine country) and much to my surprise, long tall plants growing sky ward. This is really out of the norm. I've never seen a hop yard or hop garden out there before. This guy must have had forty plants. He had a couple poles with hops...
  8. uechikid

    Double Harvest

    It looks like I'm going to have a double harvest from my cascade this year. They grew early and fast developing cones very early but not very many side arms. Now the side arms have grown and have burs all over the place. :) Once I pick the first set of cones, does that encourage the growth...
  9. uechikid

    Taste Buds :)

    I vacuum sealed 60 oz of hops earlier this evening. Know when I'm drinking a beer (SN pale ale) I can really taste the hops. My taste buds are so happy. :)
  10. uechikid

    Diatomaceous Earth

    I know that there a some here who use Diatomaceous Earth as an insecticide. Do you use the stuff you get in the pool section of OSH or is there something different? I was told by a gut that the pool DE was harmful to people because of the way it's processed.
  11. uechikid

    Solar Electric Panels

    I've gotten a wild hair lately about solar electric panels. I want to do something about my PG&E bill and make a statement at the same time. I've done some research into building my own and it doesn't seem that difficult, just a little time consuming. Has anyone here actually done this?
  12. uechikid

    Napa Valley

    A friend and I took a ride today (motorcycles) through the Napa Valley. What great country. All I could think was, What great HOP growing country. What a waist of land these vineyards are.:) Maybe it's just me.
  13. uechikid

    Browning/dieing Leaves

    I have read that Browning/dieing Leaves on the lower part of the plant is normal. So how far up the plant is this normal? I have browning leaves 4 feet up or so. (Second year Chinook).
  14. uechikid

    Planting Cuttings

    This spring I took some Rhizomes from my second year cascade and Chinook plants. The cascade sprouted but the Chinook didn't. So after the original plants grew and the main bines were strung up and I had to start trimming the new shoots, I put the cuttings in potting soil and kept them wet...
  15. uechikid

    Celiac and Sleep Apnea

    Here is an interesting article on Celiac and Sleep Apnea. I hope this is an appropriate post. Sorry, I had to ZIP the file. It was to large to upload.
  16. uechikid

    O Rings

    What size O Rings are used for the in and out nipples on the cornnie kegs?
  17. uechikid

    Trimming Extra Bines

    I know that you should cut back the extra bines after training the ones you want to keep. How about the secondary growth that grows from the lower part of the bine between the leaves and the bine? The same place the cones grow from on the upper part of the bine.
  18. uechikid

    This Is Strange

    Let me say up front that I don't bottle my beer very often. Back in January I bottled five gallons of pale ale. I let it carbonate for two week then chilled a few and drank a few. They were perfectly carbonated. I didn't drink any more of the bottled beer because I had a bunch in kegs. Last...
  19. uechikid

    Harvesting Yeast

    I am planning on harvesting some of the yeast from the secondary when I get ready to bottle. I used dry yeast to start with. The package said to NOT make a starter or rehydrate. If I reuse the this yeast in the future should I make a starter make a starter?
  20. uechikid

    Stringing up hops

    Well I had to set up the twine today for my cascade plants. They are getting so tall they were falling over. One was about two feet already. :)