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  1. jimyoung

    My beers are all a little darker than intended... is it possibly the boil?

    Hey everyone, I've consistently found that my beers come out darker than intended / predicted using Beersmith (2). I hit my targets, volumes, etc., so it's not that. My recent APA came out too dark, my Vienna Lager came out too red, and even my summer ale wasn't as pale as I intended. It's not...
  2. jimyoung

    Noo! first gusher in 7 years of brewing!!!!

    I had guests over on the weekend, and had two 750ml bottles ready to pour into a pitcher, and enjoy. One bottle was awesome - compliments all around :cool:. When I opened the other, the beer started coming out. and coming out. And coming out... white foam. The last time I saw this was with a GBP...
  3. jimyoung

    Invert Sugar and Acidity... water adjustments?

    Hey everyone! I am gearing up to make a belgian tripel recipe I found, and it called for invert sugar. Using the interwebs, I found the following recipe Table sugar: 1kg water: 2 cups lactic acid 88%: 3ml I raised it slowly to 113c, and ended up with a light coloured syrup, a little yellow...
  4. jimyoung

    new fermenter - cleaning practices for SS fermenters

    Hey everyone! After noticing some weird etching on my glass carboys, then googling "are glass carboys actually dangerous", I decided to ditch them and move to SS (I'm done, decided- let's not argue about that decision here :) ). FWIW, I'm debating between the SS brewtech 7 gal brew bucket or the...
  5. jimyoung

    Sanity check - timing of diacetyl rest

    Hi everyone.. Sanity check please - only my second Lager, and first in about 4 years. I'm making a lager, Wyeast #2308. Used a large (2.5L) starter for a 19L batch, decanted. Pitched at 18c, it fell to target 12c within 10 hours. Air lock was bubbling by morning, and it was a very active...
  6. jimyoung

    Strange white stuff from drinking water hose / RV hose

    Hey everyone, I have been brewing in my attached garage - just inside the house is a laundry hookup not being used, so I use it as my water supply. I bought a 50ft RV drinking water hose, put some fittings on the end, and it works fantastic. Today I noticed some white.. things floating in the...
  7. jimyoung

    Simple 240v solution

    Hi all! After about a year of not making beer - packing, staging, moving, unpacking, fixing, etc., I have moved, and about to start making beer again. I have looked around the forums but couldn't find what I"m looking for - sorry if I missed it. I am brewing in my garage, and have already...
  8. jimyoung

    Lagering - ... in the bottle??

    Hello all, Sorry for must be just yet-another-lager-question.. I really did try searching the forums for this! I am making my first lager, been doing all-grain ales and stouts for about a year. I am using the "Vienna #1" recipe from beersmithrecipes.com, a website which I have had very...
  9. jimyoung

    Get the most heat out of electric stove-top brewing

    Hi all! Many of us are stuck brewing on our standard electric range. I was having problems getting a strong boil even on my smallest batches of 7.5L (2Gal), and was investigating options such as installing an extra burner in the side of my pot, using an immersion bucket heater, etc. After...
  10. jimyoung

    how much kettle trub?

    Hi all! I spent quite a bit of time searching the forums but was unable to get a good feel on this. I know that there are a lot of ideas / opinions / techniques for leaving the trub behind (or not!!). How much trub do people leave behind in the kettle with the break material? I use hop...
  11. jimyoung

    My Brew In a Bag Bag

    hello all! I have been lurking on this forum for over a year, and have learnt a great deal. Thanks everyone for contributing. I just decided to move toward all grain, and decided on the beer in a bag (BIAB) method. So I bought a Tallboy 8 gallon pot, but needed a bag. Although there is a...
  12. jimyoung

    Results of a first few trials: orange, rootbeer, molasses soda, honey soda

    Hi all, just some notes on a few first sodas I made. I started with standard "brewers yeast" (not labelled) and made. - an "orange creamsicle soda" from a no-name extract I bought at the homebrew. I halved the sugar on first try: 80g / litre, and mistakenly used a full pack of the yeast...