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  1. dancphotog

    belgium wit clear?

    So, my 2nd batch of brew was a blegium wit with a corriander orange peel pack. After being in primary for a week and a half and secondary for 2 1/2 weeks, i bottled. The beer is crystal clear. Every wheat i have had has been cloudy. Whats the deallyo? Did i leave it alone for too long? It tastes...
  2. dancphotog

    Beer separating?

    I just racked my Belgium Wit(with corriander and orange peel) to 2ndary yesterday. This morning there was a thin dark stripe at the top of the carboy. Now it's even bigger. I have no idea what's causing this. Perhaps the oils from the orange peels are separating? Here's a pic. Let me know...
  3. dancphotog

    Weird looking wheat?

    So, 7 days ago I brewed a Blue Moon clone extract kit. I popped the top yesterday and took a look and it looked a bit strange to me. This is my first wheat and the first brew with spices and orange peel. There is some stuff on top with some bubbles. Mind you, I left the orange peels and...
  4. dancphotog

    spice pack query.

    So, I'm doing my 2nd brew in a bit(water's on now). It's a Belgium Wit with a spice pack to add 15 min before end of cooking. My question is this. Do I need to strain the wort while pouring into primary? Do I just leave it in there for the duration? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  5. dancphotog

    Can I please bottle?

    So, I primary fermented my extract fat tire clone for one week and 2 days. I then racked to secondary. It has been there for 1 week and 1 day. The FG was 1.009 for 3 days. The sediment is about a inch on the bottom of the carboy. My question is this, Is there really that much that takes...
  6. dancphotog

    Oh Noes! Yeast rafts?

    I was browsing some of the photos in here and I saw someone that posted pix of their brew that they thought was infected. Then I go to move my Belgium Red Ale into 2ndary and I see the same thing. Hovever, after being in the carboy for a week, I think the white-ish substance has fallen. I'm...
  7. dancphotog

    Bottle Already?

    So I started a fat tire clone(my first attempt)this past monday. The first two days, the air lock was realeasing Co2, then it stopped. Last night(thursday), I checked the SpGr and got a 1.010. Original was 1.044. From what I've read, at 1.012 it's ready to bottle. Should I go ahead and...