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  1. alexnphillips

    Recirculation temp for direct fire mash

    We've been using our direct fire mash for 6 or so brew days now and we're having trouble maintaining a good temp. The temp in the keggle will read one temp, a thermometer going through the lid will read another, and a digital ready at the top will read a another. Right now were just using a...
  2. alexnphillips

    Toasted Peaches?

    We brew a pretty good blonde that over the years we will rack onto different fruits. Current batch is in the primary right now and I am trying to decide if my peach idea sounds any good. I am thinking of doing about 1lb per gallon (10 gallon batch) halving them, sprinkle with brown sugar, and...
  3. alexnphillips

    Anyone have an Irish pale ale receipe?

    I want to find something close to mcsorleys Irish pale ale. I was thinking about taking my Irish red receipe and ramping up the hops and adding some oats.
  4. alexnphillips

    Where can I find PB2 or like?

    I'm in the Raleigh, nc area and am looking for a powdered peanut butter. Anyone have any luck finding any without ordering online?
  5. alexnphillips

    1 - 3.5 BBL system

    I'm trying to find some very detailed specs on a 1-3.5 BBL system. My father in law is a machinist and is looking at possibly getting in to making kettles/fermenters/MLT whatever. I am having trouble finding details specs that I could show to him for design purposes. Any suggestions? Also...
  6. alexnphillips

    Stiring the Mash options

    We've been working on out MT a little lately. We added a sparge arm (I'll try and get some pics up) for simplicity and convenience. We batch sparge so its not truly needed at this time. What is needed is a way to stir the mash without opening the cooler (coleman xtreame 70qt) and letting...
  7. alexnphillips

    Beer co-op

    Strange question. Would it be possible to set up a beer co-op. I know there are brewer's co-op's for buying grains and such but I am talking about for distributing beer. I am basically trying to think of a way to get around all the permits/red tape and "sell" some beer. I imagine it...
  8. alexnphillips

    Our brand new tower

    We just finished building our brew tower. Her name is black betty. Four tier gravity fed system. Let me know what you think. Its posted on my brew partners website. http://www.brewmorebeer.com/building-a-brew-tower