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  1. crusader1612

    what style would you call this??

    Basically, I want to make a Wee Heavy. But, I will have a perfect yeast cake of WY1469 West Yorkshire, from a Best bitter, that I'd love to use (alternatively I can use this yeast for an NEIPA which works really well). The recipe is super simple. 93% Maris Otter 5% Munich or Vienna (not sure...
  2. crusader1612

    The Avengers Themed Coffin Top Keezer

    As you can see I like to make my brewing gear a little different from the normal things. This Gaddis kegerator has served me well and will now become my primary fermentation chamber. So now I’m just starting to build a proper keezer, the main reason is my 2 year old son has seen me pull the...
  3. crusader1612

    Building a new Keezer with Coffin style top.

    I got hold of a cheap enough freezer so I can commence my new keezer and retire the TARDIS to a fermentation chamber for my incoming SSbrewtech Concial i'm planning to buy. Now I've heard differing reports from my colleagues who are certified fridgies. most say attaching the wood directly to...
  4. crusader1612

    coffin Keezer Top / Bar Top

    Hi all, I'm mid design on my new Keezer (The old Tardis is being retired to a Fermentation Fridge). These items come in A4 paper quality print, my idea is to have the original 6 somewhat scatter around symmetrically on the bar top. but I'm struggling to find a way to add these into the keezer...
  5. crusader1612


    Hi Guys, I'm the guy who converted his kegerator to look like a TARDIS from Doctor Who. LINK: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/i-built-my-own-tardis-kegorator.565103/ Now I'm moving home, and I'll be building a Keezer with Coffin top so it can sit inside my living room (easy access...
  6. crusader1612

    Hibiscus & Grapefruit IPA

    My thoughts ar ethe sculpin IPA Clone with Red Grapfruit Zest in a dryhop form, and some hibiscus for the bright red colour, i want it to look like red grapfruit juice. how much zest and how much hibiscus? For the hibiscus, how should it be added and in what form flower tea etc.
  7. crusader1612

    The Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail

    Here's the Crux of it. I recently entered the world of gentlemans cocktails, namely the "old fashioned" an old fashioned is as follows: "The Old Fashioned is a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol, originally whiskey but now sometimes brandy, and finally a twist of...
  8. crusader1612

    Raspberry, Vanilla, Coconut & Chocolate with hops

    I recently judged my first BJCP competition over here in NZ, and we came across what was called a "Jellytip Stout" (In New Zealand a Jelly tip is an icecream on a stick using coconut/vanilla icecream as the main base, with a raspberry jelly top section, and covered in chocolate). google if if...
  9. crusader1612

    My Garage turned home Bar

    Hi, All, A quick follow up from the build I did for my Kegerator :) I decided to gut my smalled garage/shed. and build a bar to suit my homebrewing lifestyle..... so here goes.
  10. crusader1612

    super dry IPA

    Thers a commercial Brewery I visited last year, who saidthat they go from 1.062 - 1.006 on their IPA! and all they're using is simple old US-05/001. It's a fantastic IPA and theres a good blag that posted up the suggested recipe (although he seems to hit where I do inregard to FG's. (It's...
  11. crusader1612

    Taplist app

    Looking for an app for taplist in my bar build. Rather than a raspberry pi seytup etc. loking for something simple.
  12. crusader1612

    American Stout with Lactose and English yeast

    this is most likely very weird, and well and truly out of style. but I have WY1469 slurry waitin to be used. and 100g of a mix of Simcoe/Amarillo/NelsonSauvin/Waimea so I thought about doing what is essentially an american stout, but with lactose..... making it an American Milk Stout...
  13. crusader1612

    Stout Tap Modification (Beer engine)

    Having trouble tracking down a beer engine in my country. so i though id see if i could make one. but as its for a home bar, I'd prefer not to usethe thread from teh BYO at this stage ( it doesn't look great on an all wood bar.) So my idea is to get a stout tap (with guinness font), and...
  14. crusader1612

    WY1469 on Little Sumpin' Sumpin'

    I have the hops all weighed out, then someone gives me a smackpack of WY1469 to use (FYI - its a good score, cos I lovethis yeast in Dark English style beers) But I've not used it in a strong IPA or Hoppy Pale Ale. Has anyone used this yeast in said clone? Or have any thoughts on if it would...
  15. crusader1612

    What do your Homebrew Clubs do?

    Hi All, here in Christchurch New Zealand, we have just officially started a Homebrew club/association. I wanted to knowwhat you americans etc. do at your meets and what ideas you have for your memebers to stay engaged, and excited about paying a membership fee each year. Our launch was...
  16. crusader1612

    I Built my Own Tardis Kegorator

    I Built My own TARDIS! Yes thats right all you Whovians.... So, I'm getting married in w few months, and decided not long after, that I would brew all the beer for my Wedding. But I wanted something cool, and special for serve it from. so, being that me and my lovely wife to be are Fans of...
  17. crusader1612

    Critique my new aged hopped IPA.

    76.3% Pale 7.3% Vienna 13.3% Munich (1068-70) hops: Calypso - 3/4oz @60 Calypso - 1oz @ 20 1.25oz Eldorado @ F/O 1.25oz Nugget @ F/O 1.75oz Lemon Drop @ F/O 4oz Eldorado @ dryhop 3-5 Days. heres what i have, aiming for something similar to the Delicious IPa by stone, thats just been...
  18. crusader1612

    Stone Delicious IPA Clone

    Hi Everyone, I am about to head back to New Zealand after an Epic 5 week tour of the USA. After visiting stone in Escondido, I found one of my favourite beers from them was the Stone delicious IPA. I won't have access to it when I go back. So want to work on a clone version of it. Here's...
  19. crusader1612

    Single specialty

    Looking doing se specialty beers. Using some single specialty malts with a base. Basically 2row at 90ish % plus 10 percent cadared and melanoidin Thoughts
  20. crusader1612

    Belgian Style Evil Twin red IPA

    Inspired by what is now being Dubbed "The Red Wedding" I'm basically wanting to make a big bold Red American Red IPA, or Indian Red Ale (IRA). So I'm looking at doing this OG 1.062-ish 5.0kg Pale Malt 0.6kg Munich 0.25kg Special B 0.2kg Caramunich II 0.15kg Aromatic 20grams Chocolate...