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  1. DanBeamer

    Kettle Sour With probiotic and cherries

    Hey team I am currently brewing a test batch of 2.5 gallons kettle sour 1.1 lbs 2 row 1.1 lbs wheat 4 oz honey malt that I mashed at 150 for 60 minutes, then heated up to 200 F and then chilled to 99 F. I then pitched a bottle of Bio Kidz raspberry gluten/dairy free. Which is 12.5 billion...
  2. DanBeamer

    10 days into brew

    So I transferred from the primary into the secondary carboy at the end of week one, hoping to improve the final clarity of the beer. I realize this step is probably not useful and potentially harmful, but we did it. As this is my second ever brew I realized I forgot to check the original...
  3. DanBeamer

    Fermentation Temperature

    Hey Folks , Giving my home brew a second chance- My first coopers kit I tried and the beer tasted like green apples ( this may be acetaldehyde? ). Despite the the hydrometer reading consistently for 2 days and letting the beer ferment for 14 days at around 18 degrees celcius. Anyways, I...