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  1. Ouroboros

    FML. Lost Flash Drive with Beer Recipes.

    The title says it all. I lost a flash drive with all of my work for the last 5 years, my beer recipes, and pretty much a library of .pdf files that I will have to go and re-download. Oh... and the beer recipes/pdf files weren't backed up. :mad:
  2. Ouroboros

    Random Thoughts: High Gravity Rye Beer

    I'm familiar with barley and wheat wines, but not rye wines. Is there a reason for this other than the fact that so much rye would be expensive and a nightmare to lauter? I love roggenbier and rye (India) pale ales, but does anyone know if it changes character in a high-gravity "roggenwein"...
  3. Ouroboros

    Brother Jed: "Beer Lovers" Going to Hell

    So this guy shows up on campus today to warn of the dangers of beer, bestiality in fraternities, and premarital hand holding: His wife had one of those delightful sandwich boards listing all the groups going to hell, and I found "beer lovers" made the list. Upon informing them that I'm a...
  4. Ouroboros

    Volcanic Starter Step-up... Risk of Infection?

    I just stepped up a starter to 1.080, leaving half of the headspace in a 1 gallon jug open. That's safe, right? Wrong. Bells yeast is a monster. I came back home and the airlock had popped loose, krausen was all over the workbench, and fruit flies were lapping it up. I didn't see any...
  5. Ouroboros

    US Yeast in a UK-Style Barleywine?

    20 lb Maris Otter 1 lb CaraMunich 1 lb Flaked Oats 0.5 lb Golden Naked Oats 0.5 lb Special B Dextrose to bring OG to 1.115 Single infusion mash @ 150F until iodine test shows conversion. 3 oz Glacier (6.7%) @ 120 min 1.5 oz Styrian Goldings (2.8%) @ 10 and 0 min I have a large...
  6. Ouroboros

    What could I do with 1 lb of Galena hops?

    I've got an opportunity to pick up a cheap pound of Galena pellets from the LHBS. I've never used them before, but it was a good price and I needed to pick up some weight in a fairly neutral high alpha hop. I've read that galena won't leave wierd aftertastes when used to bitter... is this...
  7. Ouroboros

    What style would this fall under?

    Everything I've read says you can use munich and vienna up to 100% of the grist. Is there a style where you actually do this? Those grains are tasty. I was thinking something along the lines of: 7# munich 7# vienna 1# caramunich 0.5# flaked wheat ~25 IBU Magnum for bittering 0.25...
  8. Ouroboros

    Ideas on Belgian Golden Strong Ale

    Stats Batch size: 6.5 gal OG: 1.096 FG: 1.016 ABV: 10.1% Color (SRM): 6 IBU: 29 FG and ABV projections based on 80% attenuation of grain sugars, 100% attenuation of dextrose Fermentables 20 lb Belgian Pilsner 1 lb Flaked Wheat 3 lb Dextrose Hops 1.5 oz Northern Brewer (60 min)...
  9. Ouroboros

    Do You Use a Filter with O2 and a 0.5 Micron Stone?

    I just purchased a sintered air diffuser stone and a small O2 tank. The advertised pore size in the stone is 0.5 microns. I doubt anything that would like to eat wort would like to live in a compressed tank of oxygen and 0.2 micron filters work great for sterile filtration, so I'm thinking I...
  10. Ouroboros

    Gushers today... bottle bombs tomorrow?

    I just cracked open the first 5 bottles of a 5-yeast experiment that I had started months ago, and beer started overflowing from the bottle. I was going to taste-test each of the brews, write my notes, and then polish them off :drunk: All 5 had the same problem. It was not a geyser that...
  11. Ouroboros

    Painfully Slow Carbonation

    I bottled a barleywine two months ago or so and today curiosity got the best of me so I popped one open. I got a mellow "pfft" on opening and on tasting it is barely carbed at all. I just drank 22 oz of somewhat-green, mostly-flat 11.9% barleywine. All things considered, it wasn't terrible...
  12. Ouroboros

    Recipe Idea: Saffron Wheat Ale

    I've decided to make a saffroned brew and thought that an American wheat would be an appropriate starting point. The flavors should mesh well and the light brew should help showcase the intense color of saffron. I concocted this recipe while eating saffroned rice, so I figured that a couple of...
  13. Ouroboros

    Making/Brewing With EtOH Extract of Hops

    I've heard that some breweries use extracts to get an intense aroma and flavor in their IIPA's, but most commercial extracts use supercritical CO2 or volatile nonpolar solvents. Has anyone any experience with making or using ethanol-based hop extracts? Here was what I was planning to do...
  14. Ouroboros

    Altair - Simcoe/Citra/Amarillo IIPA

    Info: Batch Size: 6 gallons Mash: 145F, 90 minutes OG: 1.083 FG (target): 1.020 ABV (projected): 8.1% IBU: 97 Yeast: Bells Fermentation Temperature: 65-68F Fermentables: 11 lb 2-row 2 lb Vienna 1 lb CaraVienna 0.5 lb Flaked Barley 0.3 lb DME - Estimate of what was left from...
  15. Ouroboros

    Help With Belgian Strong Dark Ale Recipe

    I've looked at a few recipes and all of them seem like a huge jumble of flavors. Except for the pound of wheat (I like wheat and the good head it gives), I've tried to shoot for something in the middle of the range I've seen for each ingredient. I'm going to make my own invert sugar - there's...
  16. Ouroboros

    Salvaging Infected Roggenbier?

    I popped open the primary that held the roggenbier I brewed awhile back, and to my dismay I was greeted by a pellicle. I racked to a carboy from underneath it, and within 36 hours it was back. This is what it looks like. I would have pellicle porn of my own for you if I could get my digital...
  17. Ouroboros

    Yeast Rafts Forming After 2 Months in Secondary?

    Is that... normal? The surface of the beer was absolutely clear of any flotsam for practically last 2 months. They look like yeast rafts and there is also a small, filamentous something or other about a centimeter long running across the surface. They popped up a few days ago and haven't gone...
  18. Ouroboros

    Weihenstephaner Farts

    I drank two bottles of homebrewed hefeweizen a few days ago and holy crap... for the next 24 hours I was unleashing a constant stream of SBD's that smelled like clove and banana. I'm wondering if the hefe yeast weren't fermenting some of the contents of my intestines...
  19. Ouroboros

    Yeast Test Batches: Bell's, Pacman, Am. Ale II, Denny's Fav.

    I've got cultures of Pacman and Bell's proprietary yeast churning away in the garage and would really like to see how they compare to one another as well as WY1272 (American Ale II) and WY1450 (Denny's Favorite 50), two yeasts that I have on hand from earlier brews. Here is my idea. Any...
  20. Ouroboros

    Slow Fermentation w/Re-Used WY3086

    I pitched ~1.5 cups of slurry from a hefeweizen for a roggenbier on monday. Fermentation started within 12 hours, but it has been very tame compared to my first beer made with the Weihenstephan Weizen strain. I was expecting Mt. Vesuvius, but I'm getting bubbles every few seconds. There is...