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  1. Fletch78

    No Amarillo, No Citra, No Mosaic

    And Simcoe tastes like grapefruit/cat piss. I've tried Cents as a sub for Amarillo. It is just different. Any other suggestions? I'm tired of the corporate bastards buying everything up just to let it rot in their sub-par "beers". I've been offline for a few years due to...
  2. Fletch78

    Neighbors and Landlord

    Kiss my Ass. I had the decency to take the gold top off, and not throw the flag that came with the Harbor Freight flagpole into the garbage. I love America. This is a second year cascade, getting obnoxious. The little buddy is a second year nugget. That's right, $35 flagpole from...
  3. Fletch78

    Persimmon Wine

    I found Keller's recipe, and have a few questions. I will probably end up with 4 gallons worth by the end of the season, minimum, and that's giving 90% of them to the wildlife. My question is on the process. Am I better off just crushing and fermenting the fruit whole, or should I pulse...
  4. Fletch78

    Boise St v UGA

    Boise St is about to get mouth****ed. You heard it here first.
  5. Fletch78

    That Libyan Guy

    Whatever happened to our ambassador? He was the guy smuggling homebrew supplies from Ed's BMW in ATL to Libya via diplomatic immunity, or some such.
  6. Fletch78

    Temp Swings

    My question in another forum also applies to making cheese, could any of yall chime in on this for me? Thanks! https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f172/temp-swings-264417/#post3194922
  7. Fletch78

    Temp Swings

    My wife and I have the curing bible in the mail from Amazon, but in the meantime, while I calibrate my chamber, is there a big problem with my chamber swinging from 40 to 60 to 40 to 60 on the thermostat? It's about a two hour rise and a ten minute drop. I understand the thermal mass of the...
  8. Fletch78

    All-Grain Pilsner

    I've spent some time reading through the recipe database, I think I've got it figured out, but I just need a forum check, if you don't mind, if you have the time. A basic Pilsner, or Pale Lager. Edit: I almost forgot.... try to mimic pilsen water, using distilled water to dilute my own...
  9. Fletch78

    Growler Filling

    Do I just pour it out of my "Tap a Draft " into my swing-top, cap, keep cold, and consume swiftly?
  10. Fletch78

    Fletch's Haus Pale

    I've made this five times, it's now my haus pale, I will always have a bucket with this in it, for the foreseeable future. I've tried subbing pale malt for the Marris Otter, and it was a totally different beer, the Marris Otter makes all the difference. Grain Bill: 8# Marris Otter Malt...
  11. Fletch78

    Alabama Homebrew Felony Guy

    Last year I read about the military veteran arrested for homebrewing in Alabama, does anyone have an update on his case?
  12. Fletch78

    Seltzer Chargers in Georgia

    Does anyone know where I can buy these in Georgia, so I don't have to pay the outrageous shipping? 8 gram CO2 chargers aka Seltzer Chargers? Thanks!
  13. Fletch78

    Zucchini Beer

    I can't find anything on google, and only fleeting references using the advanced search function here. For a 5.5 batch, this is what I'm thinking- 4 pounds fresh rinsed zucchini, chopped and boiled and mashed to a porridge. 7 pounds Pale Malt, whatever has the highest amylase content...
  14. Fletch78

    Fleischmann's Yeast

    I am doing a throwback dandelion wine from the Foxfire books, so I used Fleischmann's to keep it kitchy. So far, it's been 11 days and no sulphury smells, I've just been swirling it about twice daily (1 gal in 5 gal bucket, no airlock, just loose lid) I've used Fleishmann's for mead (per...
  15. Fletch78

    Too Late to Plant?

    I've been offered a Nugget start, free, the obvious answer is "go ahead and plant it, what have you got to lose?" but I'm curious. High temps are in the 90's, we are in a drought, I know the nugget is probably rootbound in it's little pot, am I probably just going to work for nothing on this...
  16. Fletch78

    Total Failure? Need Help

    I got some hops last Fall, two plants, a Cascade and a Nugget. I planted them in very large pots. Being Fall, they did nothing and I eventually dug them up and stored them in a styrofoam cooler out of the frost. Incidentally, as I was about to replant them, we had to move. So, at the new house...
  17. Fletch78

    Royal Marshall Memorial

    If yall know who he is, then you have probably already heard the bad news. In memorium... to Royal.... This is 17 years old, when he was just a rising star on the Neal Boortz show.
  18. Fletch78

    Jesse James Beer

    From Jackyl and Full Throttle Saloon tv show, it doesn't sound too bad. http://jessejamesbeer.com/main.html
  19. Fletch78

    Conditioning in the 70's

    Fahrenheit, not the decade. I took my most recent AG APA indoors after about 5 days in the 60's and it's a steady 73-75 inside. Good move, or bad move?