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  1. ESBrewer

    Amount of rye malt

    Just planning to use rye malt for the first time. What do you think is the best amount (% of total grain) to use when I am looking for a slight but noticeable influence on beer taste. I know that high amounts of rye can cause wort separation problems, but how low can you go not to lose the rye...
  2. ESBrewer

    Kalakukko (traditional Finnish fish pasty)

    Ok let's make some kalakukko! It is a traditional Savonian (Mid-Eastern Finland) fish pasty. It takes use of the same, overly simplified Karelian/Russian rye pie dough that was introduced in the Karelian pie recipe. The great thing about kalakukko is the fact that it is easy to prepare and you...
  3. ESBrewer

    Karelian pies

    This is a very simple and traditional Finnish pie recipe. These pies date back to 17th century and were first baked in Karelia, the region now located on both sides of the border between Finland and Russia. They can be filled with porridge/pudding (made out of either rice or barley) or mashed...
  4. ESBrewer

    Yeast packaging (Wyeast vs. WL)

    Do you prefer the packaging of Wyeast (Activator package) or White Labs (Purepitch)? After trying out both I think I just hate the Wyeast Activator with some invisible inner pouch (contains sugar!) that you need to hunt for. When you finally hit it hard enough you need to be scared not to break...
  5. ESBrewer

    Extraction of color from malt

    A question to more experienced brewers regarding mash protocol and color extraction. I will describe two mash/sparge protocols that produce wort with same preboil gravity (different volumes). My question is which one is going to have more color (higher EBC)? A) mash an hour at temp X, then...
  6. ESBrewer

    Refractometer range

    I'm about to order the very basic Brix meter from a web store. Do you recommend a model with narrow range(0-18bx) or the one with wide range(0-32bx). I think 99.9% of my beers would fall inside the narrow range. But my question is, do you consider a meter with narrow range easier to read (or...