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  1. mattd2

    "Smart" fermentation controller idea

    This thought just came to me last night but I wanted to get the collective Homebrew Talk wisdom on it first... I have always wanted to have better control over my set points during fermentation, but also I'm also a bit too lazy to keep checking on activity throughout fermentation - the...
  2. mattd2

    Keg fermenter access... how small is too small?

    Looking to convert some 50L kegs into fermenters, only issue is I got them from a brewery as they were scrapping them due to beer stone build up so I need to get in there to scrub them out (and therefore can't just use the 2" TC conversion method). I was originally thinking a 4" TC would be too...
  3. mattd2

    Chinese TIG - Translate control board notes

    Just bought myself a Chinese TIG welder - just a 150A DC with HF, but should be perfect for my needs for brewing equipment. One thing I have noticed though is there are a number of similar units that look to use the same PCB but with different features. For example my unit has control for amps...
  4. mattd2

    Flow meter into HLT to control water volumes

    I need to get around to etching my keggles to give me some way to check volume, but then I had an idea that I'd like to run past you guys to see if it would be feasible. I batch sparge a so I basically heat 2 batches of water for the mash (strike & sparge) and base this on the grain weight...
  5. mattd2

    Nylon (and other plastics) leaching off flavours into wort

    HI all, just want to get some other peoples experience with using nylon in contact with boiling wort. Background is I now have a flowmeter hooked up to my pump, the housing is made from nylon. So far what I am reading is nylon should be physically able to handle 100°C / 212°F wort but not 100%...
  6. mattd2

    Help! Need ideas for a Stag do - what's been your best one?

    Because of the wealth of knowledge and ideas on HBT I turn to you guys for suggestions. I am organising a stag do - just for one day. Of course I have offered to provide some good homebrews for the cause but I am at a bit of a loss for activity ideas. The guest list will be from mid-20s through...
  7. mattd2

    The NEC and the 80% rule and Homebrewing

    there is a lot of recomendation on here that the total current draw must be under 80% of the protecting circuit breakers rated limit to be compliant to the NEC, specifically because of derating for continuous loads. I have always wondered if the NEC continous load rules actually applies for...
  8. mattd2

    Can someone explain the BBB a bit more?

    So looking at all the options for DIY contollers. Currently I am working with an Arduino Mega. I like the fact that with a microcontroller everything basically happens in a distinct flow path - no management of processes holding things back to allow others to perform better. But the arduino are...
  9. mattd2

    Anyone used a spiral spray nozzle to vorlauf

    Has anyone used a spiral spray nozzle like the one below when pumping the wort back into the MLT during recircluation to vorlauf? I'm going to get one to try, I don't expect to get the same sort of spray as below with a small pump but if it gives some sort of decent spread it might be worth it...
  10. mattd2

    DIY automation options comparison

    I am starting a DIY automation build - taking it in stages; initially temp monitoring/control (i.e. replacement of my Sestos PID), then onto multiple temp sensing/control. Then assisted brewing (the computer brains knows what valves to open but requires me to actually do it), then finally look...
  11. mattd2

    First Lager - Have restrictions & need help

    Hi guys, need some help with coming up with a recipe for sort of an "Oktoberfest" type beer. I have 8 weeks and need to get another beer done as well and only have 1 temp. controled freezer. I also am restrcited somewhat to using ingredients on hand due to money being tight. So my basic plan is...
  12. mattd2

    Getting repeatable - Your top 3 styles

    So I am wanting to start trying to really nail some recipes and get repeatable with them. It got me thinking what everyones top three styles to drink/brew would be. My thoughts are I would like to re-brew 3 beers with a 4th random thrown in there to break up the monotony (with this I would...
  13. mattd2

    Mini BIAB pilot system idea

    Ok so I have a number of other stuff I need to sort out for brewing but I am always thinking a number of stages ahead of myself! At the moment I have to finish off my 2 vessel build (and possibly get a third keg to make it 3 vessel), then plan to sell that and use the money to finance a larger...
  14. mattd2

    Cloudy beer help - S-04 not floc'ing or chill haze?

    I have an IPA in the keg at the moment and it is cloudy as hell. During brewing I chilled it down quickly (15 mins to get in under 70°F). It has been in the keg conditioning (keg primed not force carb'd) for 2 weeks and then another week in the kezzer at 6°C. When I pour a sample it is very...
  15. mattd2

    Spot the mistake

    OK, saw this today and had to share... Spot the mistake in the following picture Anyone else got an example of beer marketing gone wrong?
  16. mattd2

    Will dry hops stored in an zip lock bag once used for choc malt be an issue

    So as the title say, I did something potentiall stupid, had all my hops laid out for an IPA (including the dry hops). Used up the last of my Nelson Sauvin as well. So after the batch was finished and in the fermenter I grabbed the dryhops (NS & Pacifica) and through them in a spare ziplock bag...
  17. mattd2

    Safety Alert - Aluminium CO2 bottle not certified

    Got to do a safety moment at work next week and came across this. Thought I better put it up on here.
  18. mattd2

    Cheap Ebay aquarium regulator, any good?

    Has anyone seen/held one of these regulators in real life? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Co2-Aquarium-Regulator-Single-Pressure-Manometer-/160443350696?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item255b2b3ea8... or http://www.aquariumhk.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=108_115_135&products_id=566...
  19. mattd2

    Enter as a PA or an IPA?

    I searched before posted this but all I could find was threads for turning PAs into IPAs! I brewed what was meant to be a IPA (somewhat on the low end of the scale). I got to tap the keg yesterday and by good it is awesome! Best (ok it is also my first!) (I)PA I have made and up there with the...
  20. mattd2

    Where did the extra 1/2 gallon of wort my MLT come from?

    Ok so I know where it came from but does this happen to others and what to you do about it? What's happening: I mash/sparge all my wort into the BK (only done 2 brews with my new setup), start the boil. I then want to check I got everything out so I dig a hole in the grain to see my false...