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  1. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    That would be me, from Maryland. So far, I'm happiest with the winter barleys, for production volume; Maris Otter and/or Halcyon seem quite happy here, less the terrible winter we had this year. The jury is out on the spring barley (Hana)--although the Conlon seemed to do fine. And there's...
  2. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    I ended up with about 5.5 pounds from just shy of 64 sqft of M.O./Halcyon. My Hana was being grown up from 5g of seed, I got maybe 100g or so. And my Bere tripled in volume, up to about 150g. I'm tilling up a bit of field (probably about 600 sqft) for this year's winter barley, and everything...
  3. mlsuggs

    Hop Rhizomes received dry

    In order, yes, and no. Hops are remarkably tenacious little plants. As long as the rhizomes a) had a "sprouting node" (not necessarily sprouts), and b) were flexible (not brittle), there's a very good chance they'll sprout. They might take a little while longer than otherwise, but don't...
  4. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    (tl;dr) In short, over time, yes, it matters. (long answer) I was doing a bit of research a few years ago into something unrelated, and uncovered an interesting database of Russian tax records, dating from before the 14th century through the 19th century (earlier was spottier, later records...
  5. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    Spring updates from my end of the world: I've got 32 sqft each of Halcyon & Maris Otter (winter varieties). I had been worried about winterkill, as they looked pretty sorry coming out of our unusually harsh winter; they seem to be bouncing back pretty well. Halcyon is starting to head (I can...
  6. mlsuggs

    2-Row vs Maris Otter vs Golden Promise vs Halcyon vs Pearl vs Optic

    Also fascinated to see the tasting results. I love experiments like these; maybe one day I'll have the time to perform them! One set of points I *can* make, though: American 2-row is typically spring barley, and can be any of a number of barley cultivars; Golden Promise is a spring 2-row...
  7. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    Yeah, my Spring barley had much lower yields than my winter barley (about 25-50g for the spring, versus almost 250g for the winter). Probably related to the longer growth period/more established root system in the winter barley; it's got all winter to "settle in". So, my winter barley was...
  8. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    Okay, this year's iteration is off and running! SWMBO "sacrificed" one of our garden beds to the barley (with the understanding that I'll be building an additional one to expand the garden), and I got the winter barley varieties planted (Maris Otter and Halcyon). From the 5g packets I got...
  9. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    That was something I also saw with my barley--even the M.O. only got up to about 2ft tall, maybe a little more. Lots of commercial wheat planted hereabouts, tho, and it appears to be largely the same-ish height as my stuff, so I'm not worried. --Misha
  10. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    I can see that being a possibility--my winter varieties were "mowed" by deer, back in the fall; it didn't seem to hurt them at all... In other news, I've harvested my grains. Starting with 5g each of Maris Otter, Halcyon, Bere, and a mystery barley*, I ended up with about 250g each of Maris...
  11. mlsuggs

    100% homegrown

    Wow! What a difference between Canada and the middle Eastern Seaboard: my Hana is almost done putting out its seed-heads. I was able to sow it two months ago, on March 24th; it might have germinated a little better had I put if off a week or two--or maybe not, I really don't know. My Maris...
  12. mlsuggs

    Homegrown barley?

    Yup, I'm on the same road--trying to cut out as many "inputs" as I can get away with. :) I've got 10 rhizomes of 4 hops varieties (4 Cascade, 2 ea. of Willamette, Sterling, and Magnum), plus building up the grains... Do you have a scythe? If so, where did you get it? I'm looking to get...
  13. mlsuggs

    Homegrown barley?

    Ha! I'm retired Navy. I've occasionally been known to get some blood in my coffeestream. :) Our coffee grounds are going into the compost pile right now; come this fall, I'm planning on raiding the compost bin for top-dressing for the hops, and there's certainly no reason I can't spread...
  14. mlsuggs

    Homegrown barley?

    Yup, the "100% homegrown" thread is one of the best for grain-growing. I'm a little north & west of you (Frederick, MD; tho I'm originally from Fredericksburg). I've got Maris Otter & Halcyon (2-row, winter), as well as Bere (6-row spring) and Hana (2-row spring) going. My soil is, if...
  15. mlsuggs

    Starting a small hop farm!!!!

    Too cool! I just moved to Frederick, myself... I'd love to swing by some time, take a look! I'll be getting 4 varieties in the ground shortly, for personal use: Magnum, Cascade, Willamette, and Sterling. I'll be following this, just to see how things go! :mug: --Misha
  16. mlsuggs

    More legs than my cat? Kill it with fire

    You've never seen deer stand up on their hind legs, to get fruit/leaves off trees about 6-7' up, have you... :drunk: That said, generally if the hops make it past the "shoots coming out of the ground" stage and into the "bines climbing something" stage, the deer tend to leave them alone. I...
  17. mlsuggs

    hop temps

    Into the 40s shouldn't be a problem for them at all. They'll just slow/stop their growth until it warms up again. (I'm getting temps into the low-to-mid 30s at night the last few nights; my new hops will probably be OK as well.) As to watering, it probably wouldn't hurt them to continue as...
  18. mlsuggs

    md first hop season

    Howdy! I'm in Frederick, myself. I've got some established-but-recently-transplanted Cascades, plus some "new" Cascades, Magnum, Willamette, and Sterling. This will be the first year for the new ones; year five for the old Cascades... I'm working on a deck, so I can build a pergola for the...