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  1. limulus

    8 Ball Lock Kegs FREE in Atlanta, GA Mtns or Western NC Mtns

    I have 8 ball lock kegs that I'm willing to give to anyone looking for kegs. If you are in the Atlanta area or the GA Mtns or Western NC Mtns, let me know. I opened a brewery and don't have a need for them. Some are dirty, some semi dirty and some clean.
  2. limulus

    8 ball lock kegs FREE

    I have 8 ball lock kegs that have been in my garage and I want to get rid of them. If you are in the North Atlanta area or Hiawassee, GA/Hayesville, NC area and you need some kegs, let me know.
  3. limulus

    I have Cones

    Last year, I planted two Cascade and one Centennial in containers on our deck. They grew but never more than 3ft/1m. I forgot about them over the winter, but in spring they came back. There is definitely some brown spotting on the leaves from something which I need to figure out. You'll...
  4. limulus

    Georgia Tap A Draft System FREE

    Absolutely free. I have 8 TAD bottles and two regulator/taps. One was acting a little funny the last time I used it. Also, I believe 4 of these bottles have never been used and maybe even 6 are unused. I had a total of 12, but I'm keeping 4 that I use for some small batches of wine. I also...
  5. limulus

    Georgia Georgia, could it finally happen for us????!!!

    Check out this article regarding on-site sales at breweries: http://www.georgiacraftbrewersguild.org/georgia-craft-brewers-guild-georgia-beer-wholesalers-association-find-common-ground/ This could be good news for us. But for some reason, I think our distinguished politicians in GA will water...
  6. limulus

    Georgia It is now OFFICIAL: Georgia is #50

    GA is dead last in craft beer friendliness. Yet, we still have breweries opening here. That includes a new brew pub coming to the Atlanta Beltline which will be operated by Mitch Steele, a former brewmaster from Stone Brewing. But that is a brewpub and a different animal. We in GA are now...
  7. limulus

    Deal Reached in GA craft beer battle

    Now, who are the real winners? My opinion is the same as it was yesterday: not the consumer and definitely not the small brewers. Have a look: http://www.myajc.com/news/news/state-regional-govt-politics/breaking-deal-reached-in-craft-brewery-battle/nqCbG/
  8. limulus

    GA Craft Brewers may finally get a break

    We'll see what happens this year. It will be a cold day in hell before brewers in GA get self distribution, but we may be able to walk into a brewery soon and just order a pint and not have to go through the whole fake tour bit. I would also love to see GA go away from the franchise BS too...
  9. limulus

    In-line water flow meter

    Is anyone using an inline water flow meter? I find lots on Amazon, but they are mainly for outdoor use and irrigation. That would be fine for use with my white potable water hose and filter but are those things safe for drinking water. The ones that are NSF certified are well over $200 I...
  10. limulus

    AJC 4-page Beer Spread, Sept 18

    Hey Guys, the AJC dedicated 4 pages to craft beer yesterday (Sept 18). You can see most of it by going here and clicking on the yellow dots: http://www.ajc.com/ga-craft-beer-trail/
  11. limulus

    Avanti RM4416B 4.4 Cu Ft Fridge. NO cutting.

    This may be the eaiest mini fridge to convert. I bought this at BrandsMart in Atlanta. I bought this on Saturday and unboxed it Sunday night. First, all the storage compartments on the door slide right out so there is NO cutting! The shelves are actually glass. I had to remove exactly 3...
  12. limulus

    Georgia I have a lot of stuff cheap in N Atlanta suburbs

    I have a lot of stuff I'm no longer using and I really want to move it from my garage. HDPE containers for fermenting. These are large mouth screw on tops. Some are drilled with spigots and all are drilled for airlocks. Two come with Braumeister airlocks (the big ones) 2 ea 13gal, I think...
  13. limulus

    Mini Fridge with through-the-door taps -- anyone?

    Has anyone ever done through-the-door taps with a mini fridge? I have a lake house and would like to keep a keg there in summer. It has a perfect built-in space that it would fit if I don't use a tower. Going through the door would also eliminate any worry about puncturing a coil or cutting a...
  14. limulus

    The 3-tier system is alive and well in GA.

    So, it appears that both the Senate and the State House have remained pawns of the distributors. We get to stay in the post-prohibition 1930s! From what I can tell, you still won't be able to walk into a production brewery and buy a pint or take home a growler. You can now get free samples...
  15. limulus

    Very good article on the sorry state of GA beer laws

  16. limulus

    Has anyone built a kegerator specifically for 2.5-gal kegs?

    Just like the title says: Has anyone done this? I have a 7.0 cu ft keezer with three taps. It can hold four 5gal cornies. So, I'm good to go there. But, I also have 4 of the 2.5gal kegs and a two tap draft tower that is just sitting in it's box. So, I think a smaller kegerator that could...
  17. limulus

    Making some changes to my keezer with Questions

    First the basic info: 7cu ft freezer with a coffin top, three taps and an STC1000. I have a 5lb CO2 cylinder inside with a dual gauge regulator. Attached to that, I have a 3 gauge regulator so I can have multiple pressures running on my kegs. That is all mounted inside the keezer. I want the...
  18. limulus

    Norcal False Bottom Question

    Has anyone ever bought an off the shelf false bottom from Norcal for a 40qt Concord kettle? They have off the shelf solutions for multiple brands and I wonder if any of those will fit the Concord without going the custom route.
  19. limulus

    Update: Replacement AC unit for my fermentation cabinet

    Several months ago, I had to buy a new 5000BTU AC unit for my fermentation cabinet. The cabinet is 4x4x4 and has foam insulation lining the 4 walls, the ceiling and the doors. The floor has about 3.5-in of the blow-in type insulation. The old AC was a 5000BTU GE unit that I bought brand...
  20. limulus

    I'm going back to a RIMS and have a question

    Greetings Lads, For a few years, I used a RIMS. But after losing a few elements, I shelved it. I was using a RIMS tube that was made by a vendor who is no longer on the forum or in business. It was priced very nicely, but was not a great tube. It was threaded at each end as well as the input...