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  1. officeboy

    Math help on single vessel chiller idea?

    Trying to work out what type of cooling "power" is needed to reasonably control fermentation temperatures. Here is the basic idea. Brew bucket or bigmouth fermentor with a 1/4 or 3/8 stainless loop, hooked up to a small glycol pump that does 70l/hr. Heat exchange with a PC watercooling...
  2. officeboy

    Project Idea: Simple wifi fermenter control via IFTTT

    Installed brewpi last night and while a great turnkey system it seems to be coming at the "problem" from a very traditional view. I was wondering why not just use an esp2866 or core/photon, and using the basic brewpi shield for conectivity, publish your data/readings to the cloud...
  3. officeboy

    Chunky yeast?

    I just moved my first saison (Belle Saison) to secondary/cold storage, and while cleaning out the bucket/harvesting yeast I found that the trub was much different then I have seen before. It was like chunks of cottage cheese sitting around in lumps on the bottom, not like the usual surface of...