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  1. AlchemyBrewing

    Questions about March Pumps answered by the Factory!

    With so many posts it is hard to find an answer in here so I am going to do the unthinkable and be painfully redundant with what many others have said. I have been fighting problems with my March Pump losing prime during my sparge. I switched the orientation of the head so inlet is down and...
  2. AlchemyBrewing

    Quick disconnect ideas?

    So wondering if you all think the best connection is to minimize cavitation with the march pump. There are quite a few folks that have mentioned leaky QC as a culprit for air in the line. Thanks!
  3. AlchemyBrewing

    Strongest Sanke Coupler?

    Yes... I confess... I am a meat head. I got a 90degree Sanke coupler so my line wouldn't get kinked up against the top of the kegerator. To get it on with out leaks I put it in a vice and cranked on it. The only think I had to torque on was the handle for the coupler and snap! It still sort...
  4. AlchemyBrewing

    Discuss: Pump Priming

    I think gungadin was referring to beerthirty not your valves. I think the only thing that would worry me about your valve system is that they could get sticky and not seat back properly. Have you ever had any problems with this set up?
  5. AlchemyBrewing

    To Thermowell or not?

    I guess I was only worrying about hitting the stem with the mash paddle. Any real fear of that?
  6. AlchemyBrewing

    To Thermowell or not?

    I just got two Thermometers (dial with 4" stem) and will probably go weldless to mount them into my Keggles (Mash and Sparge). The question I have is what are the pros and cons of adding a thermowell to them. Thanks!
  7. AlchemyBrewing

    What's the Best Brewing book?

    Does Papazian have an updated version. I have an older one and too many aspects just don't hold true anymore.
  8. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    WLP029 German Kolsch/Alt Yeast
  9. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    Thanks for your patience with me. You have to understand that this is like learning something all over again. I will give it a try next batch and see how it goes.
  10. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    Ok... I just listened to the BrewStrong Pod cast and the thing I don't understand is that while I was seeing some of the activity in the fermlock all the yeast had fallen off the top. They indicated that was a good indication that fermentation is done. Is that not valid?
  11. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    I am using a 6.5gal glass carboy and don't think a turkey baster will get down far enough to pull a sample. What are you fermenting in?
  12. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    Thanks man. Do you just use a wine thief to get the sample for the hydro? I really appreciate this.
  13. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    Yeah I guess... if that really was the problem. I guess I am confused by my previous understanding about fermentation time and what may be a new theory. None of the books I have (really old I guess) talk about a fermentation going more than a week or so. When activity slows way down and the...
  14. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    Thanks Jim, You are correct in your understanding. We were just working under the principals of folks like Papazzian that indicate after your yeast settles to the bottom and the activity has slowed considerably you are better off to pull the beer off the yeast bed and be done with it. We were...
  15. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    I have an "Alt" that has an OG of 1.050 and fermented really nice for about 48 hours and then slowed way down. We let it go for another 5 days and the ferm lock was bubbling about once in 40 seconds. We assumed it was done and put the carboys in the fridge to cold crash them for a couple of...
  16. AlchemyBrewing

    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    What size potentiometer do you use on your AC fan? I think I have an AC fan laying around but I know that it will go way to fast with out a control dial. Thanks
  17. AlchemyBrewing

    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Any thoughts on my power supply questions above? - 9 Volt battery makes the fan want to fly off the table and the two chargers I have tried won't do anything. - Will a 10ohm potentiometer work or does it have to be a 25ohm? - Is it better to have the potentiometer wired to increase power...
  18. AlchemyBrewing

    Keg Line Length?

    I suppose but I don't think so. I am following the the steps for force carbing pretty closely with a long time for conditioning.