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  1. uwjester

    PicoBrew Pico users

    I've been thinking about this a little lately. The fast fermentation theory is that fermentation can be achieved at higher temps as long as there is a certain amount of air pressure. Maybe I misunderstood that? If I am pulling on the pressure relieve valve as a test of whether or not...
  2. uwjester

    PicoBrew Pico users

    Hmm. I hadn't considered that the pitch rate was too high. Makes sense though. I'm thinking I may just go back to white labs yeasts and pitch the vial. Seems like that may be about the right cell count. I guess I'll go find a calculator and figure out for sure. Good call on the fermentation...
  3. uwjester

    PicoBrew Pico users

    This thing is great! I just brewed for the first time in about 6 years. Too many responsibilities between work and family to divert time into a 6 hour brew day. The pico is a great compromise for me. I got the pico delivered yesterday as part of the kickstarter campaign with the early-bird...
  4. uwjester

    Wood-Aged Beer Oktobourbon

    Thanks for the update! I'm glad you liked it.
  5. uwjester

    Wood-Aged Beer Oktobourbon

    Awesome! I think its about time for me to get another batch going as well.
  6. uwjester

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    Count me in!
  7. uwjester

    Perlick 425SS - In stock!

    Very cool faucet. I was a few weeks away from ordering some 525's to complete out my new keezer build. Now, all the faucets can match. Thanks for making this available.
  8. uwjester

    Wood-Aged Beer Oktobourbon

    Awesome. I think you're going to love the kegging setup. Let me know how the beer turns out. I got the urge for one after commenting about it. Turns out it ages well. I popped open one of my last 4 last night.
  9. uwjester

    Wood-Aged Beer Oktobourbon

    I've never done any oak aging that way. I suppose it would be OK, but you might outgass some of the bourbon aroma that would otherwise be part of the poured beer. Since you are probably going to lager anyway, why not get the oak/bourbon at that time? I'm guessing your plan is to bottle after...
  10. uwjester

    Wood-Aged Beer Oktobourbon

    I'd probably go a little longer than 1 week on the cubes, maybe a month or so.
  11. uwjester

    Wood-Aged Beer Oktobourbon

    All of the fermentation steps in the recipe are done in the same vessel. I guess I should have elaborated better. The steps are just a diactyl rest. 14 days at 50, 2 days at 65, ramp back to 50, and leave for 2 more days. After the rest is completed, transfer to the secondary vessel with the...
  12. uwjester

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Muad Dib Spice Ale

    I've never added pumpkin to any beer, but I don't see why not. I think ginger would be a pretty good addition to this recipe. I'm planning on a gingerbread stout this year instead of the usual spice ale. I agree that a lot of the commercial examples of spice ale still feature the beer. I like my...
  13. uwjester

    Wood-Aged Beer Oktobourbon

    That's great. I didn't get to make any this year, so I'm glad somebody did.
  14. uwjester

    BeerSmith 2.0

    I haven't been excited about new software in a long time. I think I'm actually a little giddy about this update.
  15. uwjester

    Headed to Colorado/Wyoming and looking for breweries?

    The black IPA must be fairly new. They didn't have that when I was in Laramie. Glad you enjoyed the rye.
  16. uwjester

    2011 HBT BJCP Competition Winners' Recipes

    1st place for Category 22 and 4th for BOS Oktobourbon https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f59/oktobourbon-204450/ 2nd place for Porters in the west with a score of 44 Saint Porter https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f126/saint-porter-236310/
  17. uwjester

    Name my beer ;)

    Plight of the Conchords?
  18. uwjester

    Two kegs in and I'm sold using syrups for variety rocks!

    Thanks for putting all this info together and keeping up with the questions. I just placed an order for sass, cream soda, and mango. Seems like a good mix. I may have missed it in the previous posts, but I assume you have a dual output CO2 regulator. I'm guessing you don't carb your beer up to...
  19. uwjester

    BrewingAlarm for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

    The xml import is pretty cool. I haven't seen any other app that does that.
  20. uwjester

    BrewingAlarm for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

    Very nice. Just like OP said, importing the xml file through the App File Sharing is extremely simple. I'd like to see sparge volumes in the mash section, but I'm guessing once people pick up on this tool, you are going to get a lot of specific requests. Thanks for making this available.