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  1. d32h9

    Mash Temperature problem

    I did my first all grain batch yesterday. I definitely messed up the mash temperature. I had about an 11lb grain bill. I added about 3 gallons of 170 degree water to my rubbermaid water cooler mash tun, then stirred in my grain. The temp dropped to about 150, so I added some very hot water...
  2. d32h9

    Homemade blueberry extract

    I'm making my own blueberry extract for use in a blueberry ale. I thawed 1Lb of frozen blueberries, and crushed them. I put them in a tupperware container, with about a half a cup of sugar and enough vodka to cover the berries after it was all mashed together. How long do I need to let...
  3. d32h9

    My Blueberry Ale Needs Help!

    I brewed a blueberry ale about a month ago, it sat in the primary for a week (as just a wheat ale), then i racked it onto 5lbs of frozen blueberries that i thawed and crushed, it sat there for 3 weeks. I bottled 2 gallons of it, and kegged 3 gallons of it a few days ago. I have the keg all set...
  4. d32h9

    Boil Volume and Hop Utilization

    Hey all, So, I've been brewing for about 4 months now, and have made several fairly good beers. I've been using True Brew kits and adding extra ingredients to make them "my own." I downloaded a brewing tool and decided to make my own beer not using a kit (still using extract.) When I added...
  5. d32h9

    Summer style Red wheat ale

    Hey everyone, I plan to make an american wheat ale, 5 Gal, and add orange zest, lemon zest, and coriander, to make it have a citrus aspect for summer. I also want to use some grains to give a reddish color. My plan is to brew it as normal, using the extract method, then add all of the...