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  1. osagedr

    Temp Control for Massive Batch

    Massive for homebrewing, anyway. My brew club (www.rivercitybrewers.ca or @RCMBrewers) is doing a 125 gallon batch of RIS for barrel aging this weekend. Wyeast suggested a fermentation temperature of 68-ish degrees for us. We are fermenting in two 55g food-grade plastic drums (and a few carboys)...
  2. osagedr

    Help me with this build

    Currently working with a group opening a 10BBL brewpub and one of the things we would like to do is have a smaller "pilot" system on which we can experiment & do small batches of limited releases, etc. We are thinking of having a 1-BBL system with a couple of 2-BBL fermenters, which would be...
  3. osagedr

    Here's Your Challenge

    Need to choose ONE Wyeast strain to ferment all of the following styles: 1. Stout 2. Red 3. Brown 4. Wheat 5. IPA What are your thoughts?
  4. osagedr

    Barleywine Disaster

    Was pumped yesterday to be brewing my first barleywine. For 13 gallons I had 65 pounds of Maris Otter; 6 oz of Warrior for bittering; 3 oz Centennial flavour addition and 3 oz Cascade at flameout. 2.5 hour boil. Chilled for awhile, sort of zoning out, and thought "Hmmm, seems to be more wort...
  5. osagedr

    Brewpub Beer Lineup?

    What would you expect to see if you could have (say) six standard offerings plus seasonals/specialty?
  6. osagedr

    Contemplating a New Mill

    I have a two-roller JSP Maltmill that I like and that has served me very well. When I first started brewing AG (5g batches) I used the handle that came with it, but now typically do 10 to 15g per brewday and run my mill with a corded 1/2" Milwaukee drill. I have had my eye on a three-roller...
  7. osagedr

    Dry Yeast Rehydration Experiment

    Apologies if this has been posted already. http://bkyeast.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/more-on-yeast-rehydration/ Final verdict: Warm water is better for rehydrating yeast than cool water, starter or pitching straight into beer.
  8. osagedr

    Anyone use barrels for aging?

    I have a couple of 23 litre oak barrels I have used for years to make wine, but now I am going to transition them into being used for beer. Using them for wine has been fairly straightforward: top them up once-in-a-while (the angels steal about 375 ml per month), add potassium metabisulphite...
  9. osagedr

    Force Carb or Bottle Condition

    Making a weizenbock. Normally I force carb then bottle from a keg. In this case I want to bottle condition to swirl the yeast & pour it into the glass, correct?
  10. osagedr

    Master's Championship of Amateur Brewing

    Has anyone had much to do with this? A competition I entered last year was a qualifier and I ended up with a couple of MCAB entries. Do many people know about or enter the MCAB?
  11. osagedr

    Westvleteren XII

    I received a six pack as part of a competition prize package. How well will this stuff age? Should it be drunk fairly fresh or can some/all be held onto for an extended period?
  12. osagedr

    Hop Recommendation for CDA?

    Brewed a Cascadian Dark Ale to low-70's for IBUs and want to dry hop with the Crystal, Legacy or Glacier I got from the big Hops Direct sale. I could probably get my hands on some Cascade as well. Which would you pick?
  13. osagedr

    Yeast Recommendation: CDA

    Brewing a CDA this weekend and have second-generation 1056, 1272, 1332 and 1450 available. Planning to do 10g then splitting into two 5g batches, using two of the strains listed above. Will further split in the secondary or keg for dry hopping with different varieties or combos. Which two of...
  14. osagedr

    Wyeast 2352 Munich Lager II

    Part of the spring's lineup of PC yeast strains. I'm looking forward to getting this into something like a Maibock or even a Helles. Anyone got any experience with this strain or know its brewery of origin? Wyeast 2352-PC Munich Lager II Yeast Beer Styles: Lager, Oktoberfest/Marzen...
  15. osagedr

    Yeast Experiment--Comparing 4 Strains

    Tomorrow an extremely kind and generous local brewery owner is allowing our brew club to make a batch on his pro equipment at his facility. It appears as though there will be enough wort for each member to get 10 gallons. My brewing buddy and I are going to do five with each of four yeast...
  16. osagedr

    Amer Chem Society Brewing Webinar 15-March

    http://acswebinars.org/bamforth2012 “More Advanced Beer and Brewing –Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits You Wish You Knew” A short presentation followed by Q&A with Charles Bamforth, Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting & Brewing Sciences at UC Davis. What You Will Learn ■Why malt...
  17. osagedr

    Czech Premium Pale Lager Carlvar Pilsner (2B Bohemian Pilsner)

    10# Weyermann Pilsner 1# Carapils RO water; water adjustments with 1 gram calcium chloride, 0.5 gram epsom salts, 0.5 gram baking soda. 2 oz Saaz (4% AA) 90 mins (first wort) 1 oz Saaz (4% AA) 30 mins infuse approx 1.6 q/# protein rest 20 mins @ 130 maltose rest 40 mins @145 (decoction)...
  18. osagedr

    Bourbon Barrel Effect

    Made a Scotch ale this past weekend and want to use about half of it for a bourbon barrel Scotch ale. But I don't have a bourbon barrel, of course (actually I do have a few of them but they are 55 gallons and have been stored outside for years...but I digress) so I need another way to accomplish...
  19. osagedr

    Bigger Kettle = Bigger Boiloff

    Have been brewing 5 gallon batches with a 10g Boilermaker for about 18 months. Buddy and I are moving up to 10g batches so we picked up a 20g kettle. Last weekend we did two 5g batches, one using the 20g kettle to boil. Holy crap do you ever boil a lot more off with the bigger surface area...
  20. osagedr

    Hopping an IIPA

    Made a late decision to brew an IIPA on Saturday. I don't know a whole lot about the style but am using pale malt, MO, crystal 77, a few pounds of dextrose and a touch of honey malt to hit around 1.090 OG. I mostly brew lagers with noble hops and haven't used many American hop varieties. I...