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  1. uncleben113

    Kentucky 2-Way and 3-Way Manifolds

    Haven't used these in probably a year. I had a leak somewhere is my system a while back and think these might be the culprits but I never got to the bottom of it.You would likely want to check for leaks and tighten whatever down. I feel like the prices are fair for potential leaks(s)...
  2. uncleben113

    Are baskets with holes in the sides hurting efficiency?

    I currently brew ~2 gallon batches on the stove top using a mesh bag to mash in. To sparge, I put my bag into a steamer basket that rests on top of a SS rack, over my kettle. This allows me to fly sparge and I don't need a pulley or anything. While I previously liked this idea a lot, I recently...
  3. uncleben113

    Kentucky Dual Gauge Taprite Regulator plus Ball Lock Air Disconnect

    SOLD This is a Dual Gauge Taprite regulator in good working condition. It will come with an air disconnect for ball lock kegs. http://imgur.com/a/bzq9P SOLD :mug: edit: 500th post!
  4. uncleben113

    Old Tank - Is it CO2?

    I bought this old tank and regulator at an estate sale and while I think it's a CO2 tank, I want to verify. Is there anyway to know from the pictures? The basement of this place had some other brewing stuff so I'm not too worried but I don't want to pumped my beer full of some other gas...
  5. uncleben113

    ~5 Pot, Grain Mill, Small Kegs

    I'm getting back into small, BIAB brewing and am looking for these things. I'm in Louisville so local would be preferred to save on shipping
  6. uncleben113

    Illinois Italian Floor Corker - $100

    **Update** price reduced to $80 **Update** added link to pictures For sale is my Italian Floor Corker. It is in great condition and works perfectly. I am downsizing my brewing equipment and don't have room for it anymore. I will also include the capping attachment so you can cap beers on this...
  7. uncleben113

    Illinois Equipment and Fittings

    I recently downgraded my home brew system and trying to clear some space. Everything is in great shape and nice and clean. Prices are negotiable if you buy more than one item. UPDATE - Removed sold items Italian Floor Corker (Plus a bottling attachment) - $100 Fittings - All remaining - $30...
  8. uncleben113

    Mole Imperial Stout Questions

    I'm currently brewing a Mole Imperial Stout and having a hard time figuring out when to add in my ancho chillis, cinnamon, and cocao nibs. Do I boil any of it? Secondary? I've seen people make tea with their peppers and dump in the juice. How long should I let these ingredients sit if I...
  9. uncleben113

    Illinois 4 Perlick 525SS Faucets - $140 Shipped

    I am upgrading my keezer and looking to sell my current 4 Perlick 525SS. They are in perfect shape and will come with the black tap handles. These faucets are forward sealing and have worked wonderfully for me. I've never had any problems with them at all. This faucet is exactly like the 575SS...
  10. uncleben113

    Illinois Duda Diesel 30 Long Plate Chiller

    I have a Duda Diesel 30 Long Plate Chiller for sale. I have used this thing for 3 batches and it worked very well. I just bought a copper convoluted chiller so I don't need this one anymore. I have taken great care of this thing and the previous owner took great care of it too. I just want back...
  11. uncleben113

    Pick Up Tube for My Keggle - Chicago

    I'm looking for a pick up tube for my keggle. I just need something cheap and simple. I am open to the ones that pick up from the side or in the middle. I know this would probably be easy to make but I don't want to buy all of the equipment for something this small. Thanks :mug:
  12. uncleben113

    Illinois Jockey Box Coils

    I am selling my jockey box coils. I bought these a while back with a project in mind but I've got too many other things coming up to build a jockey box. This thing is in great shape but probably needs a good rinsing out. Most of the hardware to hook it up is included and pictured below and...
  13. uncleben113

    Rhizomes in Chicago

    I am looking for a couple of rhizomes to plant this spring. I have one planted right now but would like a couple more and want to go ahead and get them planted so I'd rather not order them. Does anyone have any extras or know where I can buy a couple locally? The breed doesn't matter much. I...
  14. uncleben113

    Good Welders in Chicago?

    I am in the process of converting some kegs to keggles and need to get 6 1/2" couplers welded onto them. I have done all of the cutting and drilling necessary and also have the hardware. Does anyone know a welder that isn't going to gouge me to weld these? Thanks!
  15. uncleben113

    Stir Plate Voltage Question

    I am building a stir plate this week and I am clueless to which fan I need to buy. As of now, I have a 12v phone charger for my power supply and a 100 kohm potentiometer (I think). I am wondering if it matters what voltage my fan is. I don't want to burn it out if it is too low but I'm not even...
  16. uncleben113

    Chicagoland - Immersion Chiller, Plate Chiller, or Counter Flow Chiller

    Looking for an immersion, plate, or counter flow chiller. Local would be ideal but I would pay for shipping if the price is right. :tank:
  17. uncleben113

    Hinged False Bottom

    I'm looking for a hinged FB for my keggle mash tun. I would like one big enough to cover the whole concave bottom of the keg (15" I believe). I would be open to considering other sizes though. Thanks!
  18. uncleben113

    12" Domed False Bottom for Keggle - Thoughts? Experiences?

    I'm currently looking at false bottoms for my keggle MLT and want to get a domed 12" FB but I'm hearing mixed reviews and can't find much info on this combination. I will be direct firing it. I wanted to see if anyone uses this set up and what they think. This is where I'm at so far: Pros...
  19. uncleben113

    Italian Floor Corker Cleaniness Question

    I just bought a used Italian floor corker today and it is overall in really good shape but I am wondering about the cleanliness of the cork compression jaws. The whole unit came dusty, including the jaws and I guess the dust plus the lubricant combined to make it look pretty dirty. Assuming that...
  20. uncleben113

    Temperature Controller

    I am looking for a temp controller. Brand doesn't necessarily matter but I would like one that can be programmed to heating as well as cooling. The cheaper the better and local would be a plus but isn't required Thanks for looking :rockin: