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  1. boswell

    Pennsylvania All grain equipment brewing and kegging, would like gone as a lot $600 no shipping (p

    Mini fridge, fits two cornys and co2 tank 20lb co2 tank legit and full 4 corny kegs, one needs new post Single pass cold plate 50ft cfc 50 ft immersion chiller Monster mill with 7lb hopper (may have hand crank, always used drill) Usb postal scale weighs up to 10 lbs 2 10 gallon coolers, one...
  2. boswell

    6 tap t tower Philadelphia $350 obo

    Simple, air cooled 6 tap tower with faucets and black handles. Will need new lines, faucets little sticky because hasn't been used in months. In perfect condition. Would rather meet up locally, than ship, but would ship for additional $. Please contact me directly at thehomebrewlife(a)gmail.com...
  3. boswell

    Why not wash and repitch dry yeasts?

    I do, but I see the response often around here that it's 'unnecessary' or 'useless'. Is there any quantifiable reason not to that would impact the resulting product? I've searched for facts but generally just find the reason being dry yeasts are cheap. However, I am cheap as well, so why not...
  4. boswell

    Interested in making a 'session' mead

    Searched around, didn't see a definitive answer. I am interested in making a 5.5-6% session mead to keg and carbonate. Considering fruit as well, perhaps a berry blend. Was thinking of fermenting now and 'lagering' to have it clear by summer time. Thoughts, suggestions or experiences?
  5. boswell

    Once acetobacter is a factor in a barrel, what's the remedy?

    I've got a funky barrel that has seen the dregs of a multitude of sources including a 'clean' pitch of Whitelabs Flander's Red blend. I bottled my Flander's Red this evening and it's definitely on the vinegar-y side. Is there a way to minimize this in future beers, less headspace, getting the...
  6. boswell

    Off aroma from gelatin used for fining?

    I have a simple grist pale ale that I fined with gelatin 3 days ago. Before I fined, the beer had a pleasant, but not outstanding aroma. I dry hopped with 2 oz of Northern Brewer pellets and fined with gelatin, following the methods that abound on the internet. Today pulled a little to check...
  7. boswell

    Critique my chilling process please, want beer chilled faster.

    In Philly, ground water is balmy 80 degrees this afternoon. So I took my old immersion chiller and had it in a bucket of ice water hooked up to a hose. So here's my 'flow' hose through immersion chiller, then into CFC from top inlet then exiting through the bottom, with wort being pumped from...
  8. boswell

    Pennsylvania Philly: 2 Burner Bayou Classic stand with side shelves

    This is a stock photograph, I recently purchased this two burner system, but it is still new in the box as I'd really prefer to build an electric kettle. I think I paid $125 for it on sale down from $158. I'd like to get $100 for it rather than pay to ship it back for a refund. Adjustable...
  9. boswell

    Maintain carbed kegs for use weeks/months later?

    Searched the web, but haven't found definitive answers. I'm using ball locks, and found when I had a correctly car bed keg that sat at room temp, the carbonation dissipated over time. I've rebuilt the kegs, not found any leaks, etc. Am I missing something that the pros aren't? Ideally, I'd like...
  10. boswell

    First time sour attempt, how's this sound?

    I brewed up a simple brownish 1.043ish, lightly hopped beer that is about 3 days into primary. Bubbling steady (used the Super San Diego yeast just because I had it around), but not a big krausen. I recently purchased a 'bugged' 5 gallon barrel (which smells awesome, sweet vinegar-y). This...
  11. boswell

    anyone have eperience with Rubbermaid Roughneck plastic sheds?

    I've GOT to get my equipment out of my crawlspace that we call a laundry room. I saw these click together sheds at lowes. Are these weather resistant enough to store my pots, MT, grain (in lowes buckets) etc? I'd like a little brewshed of my own, but being in Philly all I have is a patio. These...
  12. boswell

    WTB-Old crusty Ale Pale or like bucket

    Looking to build a pump and CFC into a bucket, need one of the 6.5 gallon or bigger. Would feel bad buying a new one not to ferment beer in, and the two I have are both in good shape. The CFC is 25ft, and won't fit into a homer bucket with the pump. I'll pay a little dough, or trade a couple...
  13. boswell

    Is there any harm in using a long cord for elec. boil kettle? >20ft?

    My dryer outlet is in a small, narrow space in the back of my basement, is there any harm in running a really long cord to the front of basement where there's a window?
  14. boswell

    first time 'yeast rancher' evaluate my process and give me feedback?

    So, picked up my first vial of White Labs on a whim, the Super San Diego. Being on the expensive side, I want to get as much reliable use as possible. Did a lot of reading, came up with this plan. Help me evaluate my process. Short version is this, made a gallon of 1.040ish wort with light DME...
  15. boswell

    first time using Simcoe, where to use it in your opinions?

    Doing a simple APA recipe 85% Marris Otter 8 % Crystal 40 7 % carapils Shooting for 1.048-1.055 ish. Simple, tasty, sessionable. Going to FWH with Magnum. I've got some Centennial, Amarillo & Cascades but only one ounce of Simcoe. This is my fist time using it, and with the price, I'm...
  16. boswell

    WTB pump, anyone seen any good deals?

    Asking Santa for a pump for brewing, seems the March is $150 everywhere. Anyone seen any deals around?
  17. boswell

    just called the foam on my turkey chili 'hot break'

    How ****!ng nerd can you get?
  18. boswell

    Can I (should I), wash a yeast cake thats been in the fridge 6 weeks?

    This is a cake from a simple english pale ale recipe using the NB Neobrittania yeast. I didn't even have a chance to wash it, hospital stay screwed up those plans. So this is the whole cake, trub and all, under a nice layer of beer in a sanitized jar. Is it worth washing/using? I really...
  19. boswell

    Sorry about the other thread.

    That is all, my bad.
  20. boswell

    Looking into distilling, how come there's no forum here?

    Any of you guys make your own spirits? Seriously considering it, it's highly cost effective I feel for those of us who like to imbibe occasionally. Before I jump in, I'd like to be able to bounce ideas/read up from 'experts' like we have access to here. Anyone?