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    1bbl electric Spike Brewing NANO

    Selling off our never used Spike 1bbl nano. This system includes a 4 element Electric Brewing Supply BCS control panel set up to allow the run of two 5500 watt elements at once. This is selectable one each kettle or two in a single kettle. I am including everything in this deal; kettles...
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    Stainless welder?

    Afternoon all! I am in need of a stainless welder in North Austin. I have a conical that has a bad weld on it and need to get it fixed. Does anyone know a good person I could reach out to by chance? Cheers, -Stephen
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    Water testing pre OR post filter?

    About to send off a Ward sample and was thinking about this and wondered if folks test pre or post filtering before getting their reports? Cheers, -Stephen
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    Smuttynose DURTY

    I just had the chance to try this beer and it's great! I wondered if anyone might have a clone recipe for this one? Cheers, -Stephen
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    Determining style from gain bill

    Afternoon all, I have a couple of recipes I have found and tweaked that I would like to enter into some competitions, but I am at a lose as to how I would determine the true base style for BJCP. My questions is how would one go about figuring this our from the recipe? Thanks all, -Stephen
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    Charlotte water reports?

    Morning all, In my quest to make the perfect beer I wanted to try to find a water report for Charlotte's water, but for the life of me I can't track it down. I could just go test my water but I figure the report has to be out there so I come to you all in hopes maybe someone could share or...
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    Advantages of cooler vs kettle for HLT

    Afternoon all, I have been doing all grain brewing for just a short while and have built most of my equipment. I have noticed a lot of people seem to use coolers for HLT and just wondered what if any advantage that has over just using a kettle and burner. I currently have two kettles one...
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    How much yeast to pitch?

    Evening all I am making a small batch (1 gallon) all grain of a tripel recipe I found from the Brooklyn Brew Shop and trying to determine the amount of yeast to pitch. I am using a Whitelabs Abbey Ale WLP530 yeast. I have gone out to the Mr. Malty web site to try to figure this out on my own...