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    Michigan Keggle false bottom

    I have this false bottom. It is amazing. I use it in my converted keg. This is a bargain.
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    New York [FS] - Cooler and Kettle Bulkheads plus Sparge Arm

    Pics please. Where in ny?
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    Colorado Pumps, Quick Disconnects, Stainless Fittings, and Valves

    Sorry, poor spell check. Are the quick connects still available?
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    Colorado Pumps, Quick Disconnects, Stainless Fittings, and Valves

    Quick connected still available?
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    Girl Scout Cookie beers

    So my daughter is a girl scout and I have almost 2 cases of Samoas (not boxes) left over from this year. I want to make a Samoa Stout. Ive heard both schools of thought, put them in the Mash Tun or boil kettle. Besides telling me to just eat the damn cookies, does anyone have a good recipe...
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    New York 7 Gallon Fermonster - BNIB

    Lower Hudson valley?
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    New York Philmill

    It looks like it will cost $13.65 if I can fit it in the smaller box. If it needs the larger box it will be $18.90
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    New York 7 Gallon Fermonster - BNIB

    where in Hudson valley are you? I am interested and could possibly pick up
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    New York Philmill

    still for sale....
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    Cherry Berry Mead

    So I just made it, but I only had 2lbs of frozen strawberries. I also used white grape juice, with a splash of grenadine. Thoughts?
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    New York Philmill

    You get to control the pressure on the mill, so depending on what type of grains that you are crushing, you decide how hard you want to crush them. Search philmill on this site. You will see a lot of happy brewers.
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    New York Philmill

    This is a PHILMILL that I bought from HomeBrew Talk a few years ago. I've upgraded since. I was never able to get the crank to work, but I'm including the correct drill bit that works. It is the perfect crusher for a beginner/intermediate brewer. There are plenty of accolates about it all...
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    New York Selling it All

    I live in westchester, ny. im interested in the 3 -3 gallon cornys
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    Tips for the Infamous "super hoppy" IPA/IIPA

    I dry hop often in my primary and secondary. My issue is that I leave behind over a gallon of trub throughout the process, leaving my kegs with too much head space. I make 12 gallons per brew and store it in two-6 gallon carboys. By the time I'm done racking into the kegs it's about 4 gallons...
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    New York Etekcity Portable pH Meter - Free*

    I live in westchester and would love to hear about what you want to sell
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    heat exchange question

    I'm planning on using my Blichmann Therminator as a heat exchange/control. Im going to recirculate hot water through it as I also recirculate my mash, to insure a consistent temperature. Has anyone heard of this technique or used it?
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    Massachusetts 3 bg12's and ss brewtech mash recirculation arm

    I'll take the recirculating arm for $30, shipped to ny.
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    Georgia Free to a good home

    Let me know if the first offer fails.
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    Minnesota Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects by MoreBeer

    I'd pay $100, if unwanted. I don't need it, but I'd buy them for a good price
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    Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

    What temp did u guys sparge at? I just built a recirculating system so I'm curious what works best. I made this amazing brew a while ago and I'd love to hear what works best.