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    Dark Belgian Braggot recipe advice?

    Hi all, Long time beer brewer. Long time mead maker. First braggot. Here's what I'm thinking. I want the color to be dark and let both grains and honey speak. On the strong side, but not overtly sweet, and with decent head. I've made beer and mead with Wyeast 1388 (as per BOMM method) and...
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    First recipe design (amber lager): any thoughts?

    I imagine a nice toasty lager, slightly spicy, slightly floral, solid body, but well balanced by mid-level bitterness. I started with designing a czech lager, but couldn't resist adding rye. Couldn't choose between pilsner/vienna/munich, so did a bit of them all. I love too much. Any and all...
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    WRONG ORDER received. What can I brew with these crushed grains + hops???

    Birthday brew order arrives, I open it up and.... what the hell? Instead of my czech lager ingredients, I have... Franco-Belges Coffee Malt.... 8oz citra... an auto siphon..... Northern Brewer sent me the wrong box. And they say I can keep it. Help me make this into a recipe? I'm brewing...
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    CZECH AMBER LAGER: recipes anyone?

    Hard to believe there's not one of these in the database, but so be it. I've found a few unverified ones online, but nothing tried and true. Here's what I'm leaning towards thus far: GRAIN 3 lb Maris Otter 3 lb Pilsner malt 2 lb Munich malt 1 lb Rye malt 0.5 lb 60L Crystal malt 0.5 lb...
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    Mashed Orfy's Mild Mannered Ale WAY TOO HIGH. Denaturing feared. Cure?

    Ok, I know, it's only been 4 days. I do plan on giving Orfy's Mild a few days more, but I have a strong suspicion that I denatured the enzymes in the mash. New stove. Cooled it right down after 10min, but the 168 probably already did the nasty by then. The notty started fermenting very slowly...
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    How long does KETTLE soured beer (Flemish red) last?

    I'm planning on doing the Heiress De Bourgogne AG kit from Northern Brewer: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2785/6868/t/3/assets/AG-HeiressDeBourgogne-1526921913203.pdf It's a kettle soured version of a Flemish red. Duchess De Bourgogne is one of my favorites. But how long will this kettle...
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    How to properly prepare for accurately tasting beer?

    Any tips on cleansing the palate? I feel like just swirling water isn't really adequate. What do judges do?
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    Good recipe for 6-week primary?

    I'm going to be out of the country for 6 weeks and would like for beer production to continue in my absence. I will be bottling a nut brown right before I go. I'd also like to put one in the primary a day or two before. Any recipes that benefit from (or are not adversely affected by) a nice...
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    Washing yeast cake v harvesting from bottle? Better results?

    So, I always wash my yeast, keep it in the fridge until next time, make a starter again, pitch. I've never thought to harvest yeast from the bottom of a bottle of my brew instead. Until now. My question: do these methods produce different results? Is one *better* than the other? Culturing...
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    Only now noticed mash water / grain ratio, after 2.2qt/lb norm

    So, I made an ESB with the BIAB method, thinking that a larger mash volume = better efficiency. Instead of going with the prescribed 1.25qt/lb, I went with 2.2qt/lb, also because it fills my kettle more and loses less heat during the mash. 1st Q: to what "extent* will this affect an ESB? I...
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    Apiaries in/near Chicago?

    Any advice on getting hold of good honey here in Chicago? Any apiarists out there?
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    Golden Strong Rooibos?

    Finalizing my first golden strong ale recipe... Belgian pilsner, 1388 + abbey yeast, saaz + styrian golding.... and rooibos anyone? The idea would be to add it at flameout for a good 10min. I have come across a couple of recipes, but nothing reviewing the the high gravity/belgian/rooibos...
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    Brett claussenii dregs?

    I tried my hand at a sour mash (cherry wheat), failed, but went ahead, butyric acid be damned. I pitched brett dregs from Orval and De Proefbrouwerij Wild Ale, just because I had them. Both these are of the "farm/horse/sweaty" kind. Anyone know of good commercial Brett C dregs? Hoping to...
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    Cottage House Saison extract recipe? (And: dumping Edwort's Apfelwein on yeast cake?)

    Howdy all, Two questions that may, or may not, be related: 1. Does anyone have ideas for converting the Cottage House Saison (https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=254684 ; also pasted below) from an all grain to extract recipe? Speciality grain subs, etc? I do plan to...
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    Hole drilled into Better Bottle: fixable?

    Howdy all, I visited my local home brew store today and there was a 6gal Better Bottle sitting there, with a nickle-size hole drilled into it. It's located exactly where a spigot would sit. I think the former owner thought a Better Bottle with a spigot would be even better.... then realized...
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    Cider ideas for secondaries?

    I've got my first cider (5gal Whole Foods organic apple juice; 2lb honey; Wyeast 4766) in the primary. In about 10-14 days, I'll be transferring them back to the 5 x 1gal glass they came in. Here are my plans for each: 1. As is 2. .5lb of Trader Joe's dark morello cherries (in syrup) added...