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    Oily sheen on fresh wort surface

    Anyone else ever get a slight oily iridescent sheen on the top of wort right of the kettle? Noticed this yesterday on the top of both fermentors. All grain amber ale, pumped through counterflow chiller. No unusual ingredients, just barley malt, hops, and some Irish moss. Only source of oils...
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    Viability of yeast in re pitching multiple generations

    Perhaps I am overthinking this, but do you need to consider reduced viability in subsequent generations of re-pitched yeast, to account for the nonviable portion of yeast that was pitched in the prior batch? Or is the volume of new viable yeast produced in the fermentation enough to make this...
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    Last minute crash/carb question

    Here I am under the gun to have a keg on tap Saturday at noon and it is Thursday at 4pm. Beer is fully fermented, but yeast hasn't quite settled. Here is the plan, but this is a first for me, so looking for suggestions if this doesn't sound right. Beer is now in corny, purged head space with...
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    Lager yeast at room temperarures (SafLager 34/70)

    I spent my brewing past avoiding lagers because the lack of space and temp control for a proper lager fermentation. Had good success with Kolsch yeasts as the go to for my Mocktoberfest. Based on a conversation and a bit or reading I gave SafLager 34/70 a try in a true Oktoberfest recently at...
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    Storing carbed kegs at warmer temps

    I have a corny keg that is about half full after a being on ice at a party and tapped with CO2 and picnic tap. I don’t have kegerator space for short term storage ~2 weeks until I bring this keg to another event and empty. I do have a garage that is a steady 54 deg F. I used a keg carb...
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    How to make a Kolsch interesting

    I have been asked at the last minute to provide a 5gal keg to a local charitable event. I have a basic Kolsch style sitting in a fermenter that I need to use for this. 5% ABV, 25 IBU. What ideas are out there to make a Kolsch a bit more interesting with only 10 days in secondary to transform...
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    Does lime softening remove magnesium?

    I have been trying to reduce alkalinity with lime and dropped from about 360 ppm to 50 ppm as CaCO3. I also have high magnesium (52 ppm) and am hopeful that the precipitate contains some Mg. Brewersfriend water calculator assumes all of the precipitate is CaCO3 but I have read other articles...
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    Need to go from kettle to tap in 15 days

    Let me start by saying that I realize this is not the "right" way but I can change the calendar or my travel schedule and need to have beer on tap for a family function. So I brewed 2 - 5 gal batches (blonde - 1.045 and amber 1.050) and had a good primary fermentation (5 days at 65 degrees)...
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    Immersion Chiller with 330 GPH Pump

    I followed a lot of advice here and rather than a single pass immersion chiller opted to build out one with a standard submersible pond pump. I saw a lot of discussion on the right size pump, with a number suggesting you go as big as you can afford. I assembled and tested the system with...
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    Struggles with FG.... Is it a yeast or mash issue?

    I have had two batches now where I am way over my target FG. Both were mashed a bit hotter due to low FGs of a couple prior batches. These were mashed around 154. All other aspects have been about the same between the brewing process, including cooling, pitching, yeast starting, etc. I have...
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    2-stage immersion chiller help

    I have a homemade 25 ft coil immersion chiller that I have used for years with partial boil extract batches with great results. Basic tap water system, no re circulation pump. Shifted to full boil all-grain and the coil just can't get it done anymore. Only cools to about 100 in 15 minutes...
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    Cask Conditioning with Gyle

    I am thinking about making a 10 gallon batch of Oktoberfest (w/ Kolch yeast) and kegging into a Firkin. I am planning to prime with gyle from the boil. Using a few calculators online I think I have a handle on the amount of gyle (4 qts at 1.054), but does anyone have an idea how long it will...
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    Using washed yeast - Wyeast 1056

    Looking for feedback on my first attempt at using washed yeast. I washed the Wyeast 1056 out of the primary from a batch that fermented very aggressively (88% attenuation). Washed once with distilled water, got a nice clean sample. Used a jar of washed yeast with about 60ml of solids (2 weeks...