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    Attempting a novice Kolsch

    It was never close to a Kolsch from the beginning. It was a blonde ale and with 34/70 it will be a pale lager.
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    Lager yeast at room temperarures (SafLager 34/70)

    Yeah, no wonder it didn't turn out good.
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    Lager yeast at room temperarures (SafLager 34/70)

    "Room temperature" is a strange measure. My current, and preferred, room temp is 68F.
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    Lager yeast at room temperarures (SafLager 34/70)

    So you didn't repeat that experiment. If you started the fermentation at 26 degrees, it might have got as high as 30 degrees, and perhaps swinging up and down. That might explain your result.
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    Lager yeast at room temperarures (SafLager 34/70)

    Did you have temperature control during the fermentation? There some suggestions out there that a steady fermentation temperature is important, not just the temperature itself.
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    Better mouth feel for Coopers or Muntons kits?

    There are things like Brew Enhancers that could help you with that. If you got access to Coopers products they have a few different ones.
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    does extract go bad ?

    There is "alot" of oxygen and water in the can, that is why it oxidizes. Temperature speed up the process.
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    Low Enzymatic/Cold Mash/Low alcohol beer

    Thank you, I'm going to re-read that thread.
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    Low Enzymatic/Cold Mash/Low alcohol beer

    Nice, thanks for sharing. Seems we got about the same numbers. How much and what hops did you use? Good luck with the next one!
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    Low Enzymatic/Cold Mash/Low alcohol beer

    Yes and yes. Edited, thanks. :)
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    Low Enzymatic/Cold Mash/Low alcohol beer

    It's been a few weeks and it is just getting better. The "grainy" taste is much lower and it is quite nice. I had one failed attempt a few weeks ago, the wort burned hard in the GF and I dumped the whole thing. Im doing another try tomorrow with Viking Red Active Malt and cold mashing outside...
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    Cold crash and oxidation

    Well, its complex. When you open the lid on a bucket, there is no way you can do so carefully that it will not stir up the CO2. One way to explain it is to think of gases as liquid. Imagine that you have a bucket with a liquid (like milk), a little heavier than water. You put the bucket fully...
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    Cold crash and oxidation

    In the clip, the Br2 and "air" is fully mixed after just half an hour. Br2 is about 4 times as heavy as C02.
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    Cold crash and oxidation

    Here is a link to anyone who wants to see for themself how gases mix.
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    Coopers lager

    I would go ahead and use it. It will make a slightly different beer but it’s possible that you would not notice the difference or that you will like the beer more.
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    1st sour need help

    I dont really know what "omega labs sour liquid yeast" contains but your steps seems fine. The only thing is that there is no need to boil it for 30 min before the souring. I usually bring it to boil and then start cooling but even that is too much. Pasturize it would be enough and one could...
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    Low Enzymatic/Cold Mash/Low alcohol beer

    In the article they talk about steeping for 24 hours or so. I think I read somewhere that to avoid the growing of unwanted organisms and spoiling the steeping should be done at refrigerating temperature. The "Hot Mash" could be interesting but perhaps extracting tannings could be an issue? I...
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    Low Enzymatic/Cold Mash/Low alcohol beer

    For several reasons I have been interested in doing a non-alcoholic (or at least very low alcohol) beer. Most of what I've read has been very secret or required very expensive equipment. I have not seen much written about it here so I figured I’d start a thread, share my experience and see if...
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    Nottingham Yeast

    With those numbers you either have a calculation problem or a contamination I'm afraid.
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    Is this normal?

    Yes, it happens sometimes. Just let it be and it will sort itself out probably. You could gently wiggle the fermenter a bit, it sometimes help.