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  1. dudesbrews84

    Keezer Build Video Series

    thanks! yes the base of the drip tray is glued in but the grill comes out so shouldn't be too bad for cleaning if I mop it out occasionally. The shape was a bit uneven so I dont think it would have come out easily if i'd covered in plastic but some sort of framing could have been an option. I'm...
  2. dudesbrews84

    Keezer Build Video Series

    All finished and just in time for xmas! Cheers
  3. dudesbrews84

    Keezer Build Video Series

    hi everyone I am nearing the end of my keezer build and thought I would post it up here as I took influence from several of the excellent builds I saw on this forum. Hope you enjoy the videos and please sub my youtube channel if you want to see more! Cheers Richard