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  1. seanjwalker1

    Black Friday 2018 Kegerator sales

    Hello all. Anyone know of any stores, brewing or wholesale, offering really good discounts on Kegerators? Thanks
  2. seanjwalker1

    Secondary Scottish 90/- with oak chips

    Hello all. I just racked a Scottish 90 shilling O.G 1.062 to a secondary to infuse with Scotch barrel wood chips. Primary was 3 weeks at 64°, F.G 1.016 . Do I secondary at room temperature or continue at low to mid 60's? . I know that after bottling it has to be cold conditioned for a couple...
  3. seanjwalker1

    Fermenter bubbling again after 3 weeks lagering

    Hello all. I'm sure this question has been answered but I'm really tired of searching years old threads. In a nutshell..fermented 5 gallons wee heavy at 64° for 3 weeks in a Cool brewing bag. Airlock bubbled away for first 5 days then by day 7 stopped. I completed the 3 week Lager at 64° then...