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  1. shaky6

    Inkbird Calibration Failure

    My Inkbird ITC-1000 had a massive temp calibration shat-the-bed and froze my beer. It was reading 45*F with the probe in a block of ice. I know you can set calibration on this but I've never seen it go out 10-20 degrees before. While I'm waiting to thaw I'm wondering if the probe is no good.
  2. shaky6

    Arbor Fab Spider Rusted

    I took my Arbor Fab hop spider out of the cabinet the other day and to my horror, it was covered in rusty powder. I washed it off and it doesn't even look like stainless steel. Arbor Fab told me its fine and I just need to passivate it. I've only used this thing once. I've never had to...
  3. shaky6

    Lager Chamber Died

    Well I've been working on my first lager, it's been in the chamber @36 for 2 months now. Or so I thought. I just got back from a 30 day deployment and the compressor died somewhere in there. It's 73 right now. What do you think is up with the beer?
  4. shaky6

    API Bucket Heater Test

    I know there are other threads on this farm supply API Bucket Heater, but I figured I'd buy one and test it. I think it cost $36 plus shipping. Here are my results: I started with 5 gallons of 68* water from the tap, into my 10 gallon orange cooler mash tun. With occasional stirring, it...
  5. shaky6

    Bi-colored Cake

    I just pulled my yeast out of the fridge to make a new starter. It's bi-colored, never seen this before. It's probably 4-5 months old in this flask. It's a 4th generation WYeast 1335, used in my blonde ales. I was thinking about pulling the darker stuff off and sending it down the drain...
  6. shaky6

    Iron Inhibitors and Fluoride

    I spoke with my water company today about chemical additions they use because I recently found out about "chloromine" sanitizers and the added effort to remove them. I wanted to know which chemical they used. But it turns out they also add fluoride (not surprised) and "iron inhibitors". Upon...
  7. shaky6

    toasted victory

    So I had a few boll weevils running around in my victory malt and me being sort of cheep and 90 miles away from the closest HBS, I decided to improvise. So I thought, hey, the best way to dispatch the little buggers would be to roast them alive, and then I forgot about the oven. Ended up...