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  1. J

    Seeking yeast recommendations

    Hey everyone, I put my third batch in the fermenter on Friday night, and used the last yeast packet that came with my super noob cider kit. My ultimate goal is a slightly sweet and slightly tart cider, carbonation optional. I'm guessing I can't go get they yeast they have in the baking aisle...
  2. J

    Carbonation Question

    Hey everyone, Quick question here. As some of you know, I recently bottled my first batch, but I can't see much visible evidence of carbonation. Do I need to be worried, or is it just less visible than fermentation? I'm asking myself a million questions, like if I didn't mix the sugar water...
  3. J

    New guy working on his first batch

    Hey everyone, I'm a new member, and a new brewer(does that word apply to cider?) I got a very basic 1Gal kit from my wife as a birthday gift and popped my first batch in on Saturday. It was just simple apple juice (from concentrate, but no other ingredients, not refrigerated) and kit-provided...