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    Mash Out Temperature

    After several years of all-grain brewing, I'm still not 100% clear on something... when you mash out, is the temperature of the water going into the mash supposed to be 170 degrees, or is the grain bed temperature supposed to be 170 degrees (implying that the water going in would have to be much...
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    2 tier brewing stand

    I meant to keep a diary of progress as I built, but I was really bad about taking pictures along the way, so here's some details on my newly finished 2 tier stand. I was considering a single tier, but didn't like them for various reasons (storage space, needing a second pump to do fly...
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    Question about burner mounting

    I'm designing a 2-tier brewing stand similar to the sabco brew magic, and will be using a blichmann burner for the boil kettle. I've seen several stands use the diamond bracing pattern to mount the burner and hold the kettle. On my stand, I'll be using a pot instead of a keggle for the boil...
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    Burner Heat Shield

    I finally melted my sight glass with the flames from my burner, so I figured it was time for a heat shield solution. I didn't really want to make heat shields for the valve, sight glass, and thermometer, so I ended up making a heat shield for the burner out of some light gauge steel. I started...
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    Another Bayou Classic 62qt pot

    I bought the bayou classic 1060 (62qt) pot off amazon a couple weeks ago, and it finally arrived. Outfitted it with some bargainfittings parts, and it's almost ready to go :-) This will be my combo HLT/Boil Kettle, replacing my 8gal pot (which was prone to boil overs). The brewmometer comes on...
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    Quick Disconnects - Which end for male/female?

    I'm looking into getting some of the polysulfone quick disconnects for my system and was wondering if there's a convention for which end the male connector goes on and which end the female connectors go on. The female ends are more expensive. On my system, it would be cheaper to put the female...
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    hops substitution?

    So i'm going to brew https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f71/blue-balls-belgian-wit-blue-moon-clone-24978/ tomorrow, but i don't have goldings hops.. here's what i have on hand: perle cascade amarillo liberty willamette which of those would be the best substitution for the goldings? .. i...
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    Mash Tun - 5 or 10 gallon cooler?

    Background: Right now, I'm doing 5gallon partial mashes, but I'm thinking about just going all grain/batch sparging. I don't plan on ever doing batch sizes over 5gallon. Should I buy the 10gal cooler even if I still do a few more partial mashes and then switch to AG? Would it really be that...
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    brewed extract kits ... what's next?

    So.. I've done about 5 or 6 extract kits. Where do I go from here? Do I continue brewing extract and start trying to make my own recipes? If I do that, how do I know what to put in them? -- If I don't start trying to make my own recipes, do I try to move up to partial mash? ..I guess I'm...
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    Sacramento Area Member -- on Yard Crashers?

    Was anyone here in the Sacramento area on a show called Yard Crashers? I just saw the new episode the other night, and they had a ton of brewing equipment. They got a pretty nice yard and a cool bar out of it too :D
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    regulator - need washer?

    I bought this dual body regulator, and it has a hard white plastic washer threaded into the inlet side. Do I need to add an additional washer -- either black grommet (like on the beer lines) or the cardboard washers that some tanks have -- or can I just connect it as is? Here's some pics:
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    where to get a fridge for kegerator?

    I've had a garage kegerator for several years (someone gave me the fridge), and it seems like it's starting to die now. The freezer on top won't keep ice frozen, and the fridge section is in the high 40's on the coldest setting. So... I think it's time to get a new fridge. I've looked on...