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    Durian Wit???

    ok, I have all the grains/hops/yeast for BCS Witbier recipe ready already...then I received a Durian... What to do, what to do? should I add the durian to the mash and then go a little higher on the oats and spices, going for ~7 Gallons into fermenter? or maybe adjust for secondary? ps...
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    Let's see those barrel stands

    I just got a 5 Gal Rum Barrel for aging beers, and eventually for Real Ale tapping, and would love to see all the cool DIY stands/set-ups for your barrel rigs! I currently have the sad-sack "2x4 chocks on the ground" set-up and it really takes the excitement out of owning one of the coolest...
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    Lambic + Crystal 40 will it eat it?

    Got a Kriek Lambic with a little more aceto/lacto sharpness than I would like. I was thinking of dosing it with a strong Crystal 40 wort to give it some sweetness and backbone to balance the sour/vinegar/tartness. Question: will the bugs eat through the C40? ...or will it be unfermentable like...