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  1. kansasbrew

    Is it dead or dormant?

    Do they die back midsummer but still come back? Should I dig it up in the fall and look for some sign of life?
  2. kansasbrew

    Is it dead or dormant?

    I have four second-year hops plants here in central Kansas. We had a horrible year of heat and drought. Three plants seemed to survive, but with difficulty. My other plant died back to the ground about six weeks ago. Nothing since then has emerged. How can I tell if it is dead or dormant? There...
  3. kansasbrew

    Hank Is Wiser in Kansas

    Hey, I just tried out Hank is Wiser and I have to tell you the beer is excellent. The atmosphere is great. My wife and I were sitting at a table and the brewer (Hank's son) was working the bar and talking to me off and on the whole evening. He even let me try a beer they weren't yet officially...
  4. kansasbrew

    Zeus should be called Medusa and Mt. Hood Mt. St. Helens

    Well that's encouraging to hear. If the stuff can survive Texas, Kansas shouldn't be impossible either. I'm hoping that the plant is going deep and out in order to someday shoot up. That sounds like a spiritual metaphor of a kind.
  5. kansasbrew

    Zeus should be called Medusa and Mt. Hood Mt. St. Helens

    Last year I planted four varieties of hops, Zeus, Mt. Hood, Centennial and Willamette. All survived, but the Mt. Hood barely did. The Zeus actually bore about and ounce of dried cones. In the second year here in Kansas, the Zeus broke out like a Medusa monster. There were nice looking bines...
  6. kansasbrew

    BG14 burner out of stock agrisupply any others?

    I hope you're right. Maybe that is because you're a vendor. On their site, it still says out of stock.
  7. kansasbrew

    Yeast washing heretic?

    Okay, so I have used the yeast washing sticky before and it has worked for me. That said, I recently posted the question about whether some yeast drops to the bottom first. I think the upshot of that was that some yeasts are denser and drop much more quickly. Today I am doing a starter from...
  8. kansasbrew

    Anderson, In

    I was also going to recommend Heorot in Muncie. (30 minutes N. of Anderson) That place is an experience beyond belief. I tried to Lambics there on tap. It was amazing, and the guys there love to talk beer.
  9. kansasbrew

    BG14 burner out of stock agrisupply any others?

    Agrisupply has incredible prices on burners. The BG14 is only 29.95. Does anyone know of another seller with similar prices? Agrisupply is out of stock at the moment with up to a month wait.
  10. kansasbrew

    Can the washed yeast go to bottom layer?

    Thanks. I do keep the yeasty water. I did that three times as advised in the sticky on yeast washing. I didn't split the final into three small jars but kept it in one quart jar. If I was better with color, I'd be more confident about which is which, but again, the amount of light colored...
  11. kansasbrew

    Can the washed yeast go to bottom layer?

    I'm not so much worried as wondering if it is in fact the yeast on the bottom. The color and amount suggest it is the yeast, but the fact that it is the bottom layer really makes me question my judgment.
  12. kansasbrew


    I loved the show, but didn't feel I had the cash to support it when it was pay to play. Too bad that it couldn't work for him, but I hope there is a way for it to come back through advertising revenue.
  13. kansasbrew

    Can the washed yeast go to bottom layer?

    I washed some Nottingham yeast from my last batch of beer. I poured off the first water after 20 minutes and then repeated that twice. What I got after the final quart of liquid stratified (days later) was what looked like about 1/2 inch of pale, creamy colored yeast at the bottom, about two...
  14. kansasbrew

    coverting high pressure propane burner to ng

    Thanks you guys. That was really helpful to me.
  15. kansasbrew

    coverting high pressure propane burner to ng

    I know this exists somewhere on the forum, but I can't find it. I'm considering converting a BG-14 (a high pressure propane burner) to a natural gas burner. I don't know the pressure of my natural gas, but assume it is low pressure. I know the orifice will be quite a bit larger on the...
  16. kansasbrew

    Why would a HERMS system have a burner under MLT?

    Ok, so I'm hearing that one does not need the burner under the MLT. If you have one in a HERMS, you would use it to get the strike water prepared and then use the HLT to get the sparge water ready? That seems to make sense. I guess you could have your brew kettle going on the other side to heat...
  17. kansasbrew

    Why would a HERMS system have a burner under MLT?

    I'm thinking about building a single tier system and eventually might go with the HERMS way of keeping the mash at temp. I see brew sculptures with a burner under all three pots including the MLT, and, maybe this is dense, but why? The strike water for mashing comes from the HLT, correct? Then...
  18. kansasbrew

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    Love to have a shot at this. Consider this the reply.
  19. kansasbrew

    proper natural gas venting indoors

    Let's say I'm setting up a brew sculpture indoors in my basement using natural gas. I'm wondering what is acceptable venting. Is a standard range hood that moves about 200 cfm a safe bet for preventing carbon monoxide issues? I have access to a vent to the outside. Does the type of gas burner...
  20. kansasbrew

    Why does Sam Adams IPA taste so much like any Sam Adams beer?

    I picked up a Samuel Adams latitude 48 IPA. It's tasty, but why does it still taste so much like a Samuel Adams Boston Lager? I mean, the yeast has to be different. I find it odd. Do they intentionally try to keep a distinct flavor or is that totally by accident? Of course, I find that all...