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  1. matzou

    Tepache and wild yeast/bacteria

    Hello, Just to gather some information, I recently made a Tepache from the skin of one organic pineapple with some cane sugar, cinnamon and ginger. Unlike my last batch which had no problem (beside the usual souring if left fermented too long), this batch half was consumed 24h after still the...
  2. matzou

    Yet another ordinary bitter thread

    Hello everyone, I was looking to brew something a bit different to change from the usual ipa and sour and was thinking to enjoy a good low alcohol bitter. Not going for historically oriented bitter but more bjcp compliant. The idea would be to brew the following and try my spunding valve for...
  3. matzou

    Bulldog Yeast

    Hello, After a quick search on the interweb I couldn't find any information on those yeast: http://www.bulldogbrews.co.uk/products/bulldog-beer-yeast/b5-american-west-beer-yeast.html I have a couple of pack as part of a prize and will probably try them sooner or later but would like to know if...
  4. matzou

    co2 volume limit for kegging

    dumb question, found my answer. :)
  5. matzou

    Brun water issue - low ph

    Hello everyone, I'am a bit surprised by the estimation of the spreadsheet for a simple smash brew. I'am doing small 10L biab full volume batch using bottled water. (Ca ppm) (Mg ppm) (Na ppm) (Cl ppm) (SO4 ppm) 35,7 16,5 8,3 18,8 3,7 165hco3 Ez water...
  6. matzou

    Rye IPA

    Hello everyone, I would like to try my first beer with rye, and seems I'am running short of IPA I was thinking of an IPA!: I would like to know if the following recipe looks correct to you, probably silly as everyone has different sensibility to rye I guess, but I would expect to "feel"...
  7. matzou

    Poorman NEIPA

    Hello everyone, I just finally had the pleasure to try this style of beer (not that easy in spain :p) or at least inspired by it and would like to give it a go. Based on the website we can find the grain bill and hops used, I just wanted to double check with you guys and see what you were...
  8. matzou

    Second batch - recipe check - PM doubts

    Hello everyone, I didnt try my first two batches yet but i'am allready planning my next batches for next week. This time i'am going one in partial mash and the other in BIAB, therefore I would like some feedback on the partial mash steps. Could I just steep the grains and malt in the...
  9. matzou

    First time brewing - recipe review ?!

    Hello everyone, I'am planning to brew my first batch ever on this friday, to be more accurate I'am planning to do 2 batches of 5L~. Here is the ingredients I bought: 2Kg of light DME 1Kg of crystal malt L60 250Gr of cascade pellet 100Gr of saaz 1Kg of candi clear sugar 1Pkg of...