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  1. Dubcut

    Boston/Mass exclusive!

    Hey guys, new years res, not drinking for a year, so I'm selling off a lot of my brewing stuff to make room for my new wood lathe. This includes: $60 each (4) - ball lock 3 gallon keg (2 are missing a keg post but are fundamentally sound otherwise.) $30 - 5 gallon keg (3/4 full with saison...
  2. Dubcut

    Aint mine, but pretty good ag set up around boston

    If I didn't already have a mash tun and buckets I'd probably jump this. Just thought I'd post. http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/for/1490393907.html
  3. Dubcut

    Yeast starter smells like cardboard?!?!?

    Any thoughts? It had been taking a slower time to get going vs. my bavarian lager wyeast starter, so I took a sniff and smelt cardboard. It's a belgian saison yeast from white labs. Cause for major concern?
  4. Dubcut

    Saison recipe with mash questions

    5 gallon recipe: :ban: 2 lb Wheat Malt 1.0 lb Vienna Malt .25 lb Honey Malt .125 lb Belgian Special B 3.0 lb English Light Extract 2 lb Honey .5 oz Perle (8.2%) - added during boil, boiled 60 min .3 oz Hersbrucker (4.0%) - added during boil, boiled 20.0 min 1.0 oz Tettnanger...
  5. Dubcut

    Which beer to brew first?

    Was in sick yesterday, used my time to order ingredients for my next two brews. Which first? And feel free to critique! Oktoberfest Author: The big Dizzle Category: 3 - European Amber Lager Subcategory: B - Oktoberfest/Märzen Kettle Volume: 5.96 gal (S.G.: 1.048) Boil Duration...
  6. Dubcut

    What is this gonna taste like? (I was shooting for an amber)

    I had a ground up bag of mixed grain I was saving for a banana flavored porter. After deciding to give more time developing that recipe, I threw the grains and 8 pounds of LME together with some left over hops for the hell of it. 2 oz 2-Row Chocolate Malt 8 oz Crystal 60 8 oz Crystal 120...
  7. Dubcut

    Keg lube and mini co2 injectors

    The other day I noticed a leak in my keg set up. My freshly filled c02 tank was at zero. I emptied a c02 cartridge into it with my mini injector and popped on a pressure gage. 1 cartridge gave me 13 psi. The next day it was empty so I opened up the top and lubed up the top's o ring. Gave another...
  8. Dubcut

    Tomorrow's Pilsner

    My primary is finally going to be free after my pumpkin ale gets kegged tomorrow (a two week primary fermentation?!?!):rockin::confused:. Anyways I'm brewing my first lager/pilsner tomorrow. The recipe is pretty set, I'm still kinda mulling over the yeast, but I think I'm just gonna use two...
  9. Dubcut

    Re-using yeast cake after cold crash; possible?

    I've got a pumkpkin ale that I have plans to cold crash when the primary fermentation finally stops. It's been going for about two weeks. When the yeast finally tucker out, my plans are to cold crash it, rack it straight to the keg, and throw a porter on top of the cake. How cold can I crash the...
  10. Dubcut

    Ever buy morebeer's "fresh extract", specifically the pilsner extract?

    I bought a 7lb bag of pilsner malt extract from morebeer as well as other shtuff... will update if they all come before two weeks (free shipping)... They say that selling two liquid extracts keeps the turner over rate high and products fresh. Mostly I was just excited to see a pilsner...
  11. Dubcut

    Burton ale yeast... woof.

    I had more wort than I had planned when I made my pumpkin, which is trivial now because once that burton yeast got going it blew out about a half gallon. It's been fermenting for a little less than a week, and still has a heavy krausen. When does this yeast turn off beast mode?
  12. Dubcut

    Group brew & swap?

    Would anybody be down for a brew and swap? Haven't seen a group brew on the board for a while, might be due for it. Is there a recipe, style or ingredient that could be the focus of the brew? It's getting cold, basements are getting at lagering temps... let me know if you're interested. :mug:
  13. Dubcut

    Tell me what you think of this Pumpkin recipe.

    I'm stoked for this, I've been enjoying the hell out of shipyard's pumpkin ale. This will probably be a little more filling and pie tasting, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm still playing around with the recipe, this is it for now. Kettle Volume: 6.48 gal (S.G.: 1.052) Boil Duration...
  14. Dubcut

    Has anyone turned a glass carboy into a fish tank?

    Cuz I think it would be cool.
  15. Dubcut

    Berkshire River Ale, suggestions on cloning it?

    Anyone heard of or had this beer? Berkshire brewing company's River Ale? It's great but almost 5 dollars for a 22oz which sucks. It's got some underlying nutty flavors that I can't accurately describe. It's just a great normal beer, as craft beer goes. Has anyone had this, that can weigh in on...
  16. Dubcut

    Kentucky Saison... that's right.

    First post in a long while, got in the mood to brew today, no time or patience to convert grain so I put together this interesting extract brew. Kentucky Saison Kettle Volume: 4.92 gal (S.G.: 1.037) Final Volume: 4.0 gal (S.G.: 1.046) Ingredients: 3. lb Dry Light Extract 0.5 lb Dry...
  17. Dubcut

    Experimentation lager mash fun time

    So I've got this 50 pound bag of English Pale malt. I was thinkin, If I put together the most bare boned beer recipe where the only variables between them would be: The yeast, the mashing rests, and my mistakes (inevitable) then... it'd be pretty effin cool! I probably got some of yall...
  18. Dubcut

    Electric motors and stirring/cooling wort

    I had been thinking about Jamil's wort cooling technique and about surface area for the last week. I love the temps he gets and the time he's getting them, but I don't want to buy a pump (even though I really really want one) and I don't want to clean the pump. So I've been thinking about other...
  19. Dubcut

    Second AG, nailed OG, plus; guilt free wort chilling

    All I got to say is eff, effin yeah! Put together a dank maple porter today, all grain, and got 77 percent efficiency, while aiming for 75 in beer tools. You all have to understand, in my first brew I went all grain, screwed up hard, stuck sparge issues, so many other issues... My last 5 had...
  20. Dubcut

    Your thoughts on this Maple Porter recipe

    I'm looking for input on the hops (or lack there of). Do you feel it may be overwhelmingly malty?... should I leave brown malt out? Overall thoughts? Maple Porter Category: 12 - Porter Subcategory: B - Robust Porter Kettle Volume: 4.92 gal (S.G.: 1.046) Boil Duration: 1.5 hr...