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    WTB: Brew Boss 15 Gallon System

    Looking for a 15 Gallon Brew Boss system.
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    High Gravity, Clawhammer, Unibrau, Brew Boss automation - Programmable Steps?

    I'm currently looking into the above eBIAB systems for 5 gallon batches. I don't have 240V access but may spring for it. I'm curious if any of these panels allow programmable mash steps. I'm looking for the most automated solution (I'm coming from a Zymatic which was set it and forget.)...
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    WTB: Spike Flex/Flex+ Fermenter

    Title says it all. Looking to buy a Flex or Flex +. Also interested in a Cf5.
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    New Jersey Picobrew Zymatic (original)

    I'm selling a used Picobrew Zymatic. It includes a brand new step filter, 5 gallon corny keg, & all the accessories that came with it. To be honest, this would be a good unit for someone familiar with the zymatic or looking for a backup, or for replacement parts. It works but has its quirks...
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    New Jersey Pico Brew Z1

    Picobrew Z1 For Sale - $1,600 + shipping or best offer. Great condition, used 4 times. Everything's included Z1, Step Filter, Hop cages, 5 Gallon Corny keg, etc, etc, etc. https://www.picobrew.com/Store/products/z.cshtml I'll post pics later tonight.
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    Pico Still

    I'm selling a new, unopened, Pico Still. Comes with all accessories. $150 + Shipping or Best Offer Here's a link to the product: https://www.picobrew.com/Store/products/picostill.cshtml?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9_3A_Nzq5QIVjJ-zCh1wVgjaEAAYASAAEgJMyvD_BwE
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    New Jersey 2016 Leaf Hops for Sale

    Hey Fellow Brewers, I bought these from Hops Direct 2 months ago. I changed my brewing process & pellet hops seem to work better for my current setup. These have been stored in the freezer since I got them & vacuum-sealed in mylar bags. Price includes shipping to CONUS. Calypso 1lb Leaf...
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    Step-Mash for an IPA?

    Fellow Brewers, My last two IPA's came out really good - great flavor, great aroma, nice color, dry - but the mouthfeel was still too thin for my taste. To try and increase body & head retention I used 15% Flaked Wheat & 10% Flaked Oats in my grain bill. I mashed at 154 F. I just moved...
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    Corny Keg as Primary Fermentor - help me rig it

    So I'm thinking of fermenting in a 5 gallon corny, they're almost the same price as better bottles but you get a fermentation chamber and a keg. Also, I like the idea of a closed-system on the cold side because during racking I'm always nervous that something's gonna fall into my beer. I also...
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    CO2 tank empty, beer in keg ruined?

    I kegged my beer about a week ago and my CO2 tank seems to be empty even though the regulator shows that it's between FULL and EMPTY. I went to pour a little sample yesterday and there was very little pressure coming out of the tap. Assuming that I ran out of CO2, will my beer go bad if it...
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    Sparging with Cold Water?

    I brewed my first batch in about a year so my technique was a little rusty. I forgot to take into account water absorption by the grain. After my 2nd runnings I was off by 4 qts and I didn't have anymore water heated up so I added 4 qts of cold water into the mash tun for 3rd runnings. Is...
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    Yeast Starter Storage Problem

    Hey ya'll, I plan on brewing tonight but am concerned about my yeast starter. I made 1L starter on Saturday (Wyeast 1388) - I had it on a stir plate for about 42 hours and then cold crashed it in my fermentation fridge. The only problem is my ferm fridge is a wine chiller so it doesn't get...
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    Electric Fermentation Heater vs. Brew Belt

    Just curious if any of you have used the Northern Brewer Electric Fermentation Heater: http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/electric-fermentation-heater.html It's about the same price as a brew belt but I like that it wraps most of the carboy as opposed to a very thin surface area of a belt...
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    Are Kegs, CO2 tanks, safe around small children?

    Hey Everybody, So I just received my first keg kit, a 3 Gallon corny, 5 lb C02 tank, regulator, hoses, etc. My wife walks in and starts reading the "Warning" label that comes with the CO2 tank and starts freaking out and tells me I can't keep the keg equipment in the house because it's not...
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    Leftover Ingredients - What to make with them?

    I do 2.5 Gal All Grain batches and have some leftovers from an IPA that's fermenting now. I don't want to do another IPA or Pale Ale. Any suggestions on what I can do with these leftovers? I can go to my LHBS and get additional grains and adjuncts to add to this. I got a little over-zealous...
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    First AG last weekend, I got the brew bug now.

    I did my first All Grain last Sunday and it went pretty smoothly. I made my first yeast starter on Thurs night, made a mash tun out of a cooler on Saturday, brewed on Sunday. Great Weekend! I did a 2.5 Gallon batch on my gas stove (no garage, backyard, etc. for propane). My Mash temp was 4...
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    Transfer from Growler to Bottles during conditioning?

    Hey all, Just bottled my 2nd homebrew last night, a Chocolate Stout. I filled up a Growler I had sitting around and literally just stumbled upon all the threads advising not to condition in Growlers because they aren't made to withstand carbonating pressure. I don't want to take my chances...